5 best GIF creators for androids

5 best GIF creators for androids

The fact remains that texting has taken over calling and while one argument is that the cost involved in long distance calls is the reason for the same, the fact remains that more users prefer to text rather than call. As a result, a lot of innovative products are being launched to tap this trend, from unique emojis to creating GIFs. Here’s a list of some of the top 5 GIF creators and you may want to take a look at the same. These apps manage to create some innovative GIFs in a matter of seconds; some let you record a video and then create the same into a gif while others utilize your database of images and videos to create the same.



Footej camera:  this is much more than a camera app; this app allows you to create GIFs from videos and also comes with manual controls for your camera which makes this outstanding of all the GIF creators. The app comes with manual controls for the android camera, integrated gallery app, burst shot mode, histogram and so much more. It also comes packed with 4K video support and you can expect support for other devices in the near future. This app enables you to create photos and GIFs from the pictures and videos you had shot in a matter of seconds.

footeja camera app


GIF ME – Camera GIF maker: As the name suggests, this app is all about creating one of a kind GIF; it allows you to shoot 14 seconds of high res video which is then converted into a GIF in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is to point and shoot and this app takes care of the rest.  The great part about this app is that it allows you to edit the file by using several filters and you can even post a sticker onto it before sending the GIF to others. If you were looking for one of a kind GIF creator then it would have to be this one.



GIPHY cam:  GIPHY is a collection of GIFs that you can use and now GIPHY has come out with a brand new app for cameras which you can use to shoot short videos and turn it into a GIF in an instant. This app too makes it possible fr you to use a ton of filters on your image, so that it looks better, and even allows you to edit the same before converting it to a GIF.  The good news is that this app is for free that the moment.



Motion stills: this is another app by Google and it seamlessly manages to capture the functionality of Instagram and Hyperlapse by offering uses the option to shoot a short high res video and slowing down the motion while running it in loops, thereby creating a GIF in the process. Similarly you can shoot a full length video and fast forward the same with similar effects. Believe it or not, this app can increase the speed by 8 times, how’s that for high end services?



Camera MX: This app too manages to create GIFs on the side though its main function is to help improve the performance of your android camera for the better. This one comes with some outstanding and advanced features, more so than most camera apps and you should definitely check it out especially if you are trying to improve your camera’s version.  It helps to convert any image or video that you may have shot into an instant GIF.  It is better to use those images had you had shot using your android more anything else.

camera max app


With these 5 GIF creator apps, you should be able to pick and choose the images you need, edit them and  you should have the GIF you need in a matter of  minutes.


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