One plus 6 and here is what you can expect

One plus 6 and here is what you can expect

With the one plus 6 launch last week, and with all the price specs being leaked out just ahead of the launch, we felt that it was time that we took a closer look at some of the accessories that this product is to come with. But before that, let’s take a closer look at one plus 6 shall we? One plus 6 comes with a 6.28 inch AMOLED HD screen display that should lend itself quite well to rendering near perfect images. What’s more, with 18:9 aspect ratios you can count on some great clarity.

One plus 6 comes with some fantastic accessories, from protective cases to bumper cases the list seems to be endless. It also comes with silicone cases as well as flip covers and tempered glass protectors. You can check out these accessories and choose the one that catches your attention.



The price tag for these accessories starts at 999 INR.  The good news is that one plus 6 also comes with hard cover accessories as well in sandstone ebony, karobon, ebony wood, nylon black, protective red and the black flip. So we are not kidding when we say that there’s a whole range out there when it comes to one plus 6 accessories.

The instrument itself comes with a tempered glass to protect the notch and for those who hate the notch feature, one plus 6 allows you to hide the notch as well. Please remember that each of the accessories would be priced differently depending on the design and use. For example,  price tag for sandstone black protective case starts at 999 INR while Karbon is pegged at 1990 inr, the ebony wood bumper case at 1990 INR, and the  nylon black bumper case at 1440 INR respectively.  



The silicone red protective case comes priced at 1290 INR,  and while the pricing of all these protective cases do vary it should be pointed out that all the protective cases are equally good. And given that the one plus six comes with a glass back, the overall effect with all these accessories is simply stunning to say the least.

The interesting part is that one plus 6 is supposed to come with wireless charging but we are yet to confirm the same. At the moment we can confirm that the phone comes with regular charger and for the wireless charging option, we’ll  know about the same in a week or two


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