Guide to rooting your one plus 6 and to installing TWRP

Guide to rooting your one plus 6 and to installing TWRP

You need to unlock your boot loader and that’s the only way you gain effective control over your one plus 6 or for that matter, any android. With these steps posted here, you should be able to root your one plus 6 and install custom recovery TWRP in the process.  The first thing that you need to do is to unlock the boot loader in your phone, and then flash TWRP onto the screen. Once you have managed both successfully, you can then move onto installing magisk manager or supersu root manager to root your phone. Now, you should be able to customize your phone as you see fit. Check out the following steps.



Granted that rooting one’s phone is never easy; so the million dollar question as to why you would want to do it is that it enables you to install and utilize custom ROMs, with ease. It also enables you to tweak and improve your phone’s performance and even make its battery last longer. By effectively rooting your phone, you should be able to exercise better control over how your phone operates. Simply put, rooting grants you administrator level privileges with which you can tweak, customize and in short, do just about anything with your phone.


Download Requireds tools:

1. Minimal ADB & Fastboot 1.4


2. Minimal ADB & Fastboot 1.4.2


3. Minimal ADB & Fastboot 1.4.3


4. ADB Driver for Android [Universal] ZIP


5. TWRP image

Pre-requirements to rooting your phone

  1. Make sure that the boot loader is unlocked on your one plus 6
  2. Remember to check and confirm that your battery power is either at 70% or above
  3. Follow all the following steps correctly or your phone could malfunction
  4. Before you start the procedure, make sure that you have taken a full back up of your phone

Download the requisite files to root your phone

  1. Download the TWRP image and install the same on your desktop
  2. Download ADB drives to your C drive, unzip it and you should be able to locate your platforms folder
  3. Download the magisk manager(Download Magisk Manager APK , Download Magisk Zip , Magisk uninstaller ) or supersu (Download Latest SuperSU v2.82)root manager; you will need either one to root your phone

Install TWRP on your android


Here are the steps that you need to undertake to install TWRP on your android

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to enable developer options on your one plus 6 phone. Just head over to settings – and from there head over to About – then software information and then click on More. Now, you should see a drop down list, with the build number. Now tap on this seven to eight times and this should result in the developer options being enabled on your handset.
  2. Now head back to settings and enable the OEM unlock. Just head back to settings – go to developer options and here you have to enable OEM UNLOCK and debugging options. Please remember to toggle the settings to enable for both the OEM unlock and USB debugging options.
  3. Now, head back to your desktop and locate the platform folder, copy paste the TWRP recovery fille into the folder and rename it as recovery something, anything that helps you to remember what the file is for.
  4. Now reboot the phone to fast boot mode. One of the effective ways to do it with one plus 6 is to turn it off and then hold up both the power and volume buttons at the same time. This should help you to reboot your phone effectively.
  5. Once you have confirmed that your phone is in the fast boot mode, connect it to your computer using USB cable
  6. Now head to the platform ADB folder, and open the command prompt window by pressing the shift button and clicking on “open command window here”.
  7. Now enter this command to check the connection between your computer and USB cable by entering “fastboot devices” in the command window.
  8. Use this command for flash TWRP recovery; just enter “fastboot flash recovery.img” in the command window. This should help flash TWRP on your phone without a hitch. With that, the TWRP is successfully installed on your phone and remember re boot your phone.

Now with the help of Magisk or Suoersu, you should be able to root your phone with ease. Please consult a professional if all the steps listed here are too confusing. With these detailed steps, you should be able to do same without  hitch,




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