How to get android P Beta on your one plus 6

How to get android P Beta on your one plus 6

Ever since Google made the announcement at their last I/O that the android p will be available in a beta version, everyone had been wondering as to how to run it on their phone. Of course, it’s a beta version which means that it needs to undergo a few tweaks before the final version.

That’s why Google has rolled out the current beta version for android users to test run it. And If you were wondering how to install it on your one plus six, then you need to follow these steps and make sure that you do it in the right order.

With the system image of android p beta now being widely available, you can go ahead and try it out on your one plus 6 with the following steps.  All you have to do is to download the android p beta for one plus 6 with the following steps and soon you should be able to test it out on your one plus 6 which incidentally is running on android oreo.



Please note: This instruction is only for OnePlus 6, and make sure the battery level is above 30% and minimum 3GB of available storage space.

Downloads: OnePlus 6 Oxygen.21.ota.001

  • The first thing you need to do is to take a backup of all  the data as the process can wipe out existing data
  • Download android p for one plus 6 file and save it on your phone’s internal memory. The file size should be around 1.3 GB and save the file with the same name on your phone’s internal memory.
  • Now head over to settings and tap  on system updates à top right corner icon àlocal upgrade à and once you are there , click on android p beta file and choose upgrade
  • Once you have selected to upgrade, your phone should start flashing the beta file of android P
  • Now, boot your phone into the recovery mode. Primarily you need to turn your phone off and press the power and volume buttons down simultaneously; this should help to reboot your phone.
  • Once your phone has booted to the recovery mode, select wipe data/ factory reset.
  • You may have to re-confirm the factory reset
  • Once you have done this, reboot your device and restart it again
  • With this step, you would have effectively flashed android p beta on your phone.



Chances are that you may want to go back to android Oreo and the good news is that we have listed out  a few more steps for  you to enable you to roll back the changes. Not everyone is going to love Android P and given that, it is highly likely that more than a few users would want to roll back these changes. Please follow these steps to do just that.

To roll back changes –

  • Tap settings, and then click on About phone and then scroll to the bottom of the page until you come across build number. Now tap this seven to eight times and you would have effectively enabled developer options.
  • Now go back one screen to the system settings and choose developer options
  • Check developer options and enable OEM UNLOCK as well as USB debugging options. You need to enable both.
  • Unlock the boot loader on your phone, and download the Android Oreo rollback package to your phone
  • Copy the file to mobile phone storage root directory
  • Now head over to settings and follow the same process as earlier, when you chose to upgrade to android beta P. Just head over to settings and to system updates; from here click ono the top right hand corner icon and choose local upgrade. Now click on the installation package and choose ‘immediately upgrade’ and that should do the trick.
  • Now reboot your phone and it should be back to normal and running on Oreo as before.

With these steps you should be able to test out android beta P without a hitch.

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