OnePlus 6, Top Tips And Tricks, Price, Tips, Top features

OnePlus 6, Top Tips And Tricks, Price, Tips, Top features

The great thing about one plus 6 is that it is filled to the gills with all the nifty tips and tricks that you can think of, so without much further ado, here it is. The phone uses android oreo and here are some of the top tricks that you can use to get the most out of this phone.



#Data transfer: Data transfer had never been this easy;  check out your new one plus 6 app, head over to settings and click on one plus 6 switch app. With this app, you should be able to transfer all messages, contact information and even call log from your old phone to your new one plus 6. But before you can make the transfer, you would first need to install one plus switch app on your old phone and then you should be able to get all the data transferred in a matter of seconds.

The good thing about the switch app is that it works on all phones so irrespective of whether your old phone is one plus variant or not, you should be able to get all the contact information and others transferred to your new oneplus 6 without a hitch.



#Personalize: You would probably want to personalize your new one plus 6 phones; all you need to do is to pinch the home screen and you should be able to access the home screen settings. Now that you are into home screen settings, you can choose your wall paper or even include images of your family members or pin your cat onto the screen.

The point being that with the new one plus 6, you should be able to personalize it in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is that you have to select the wall paper, the image to use and hit back and it should become activated right away.



#Widgets, icons: You can use the same settings to add personalized widgets to your home screen; you can also use the icon option to change the look and feel of your apps. You can go in for regular, round or even square icons so that you can choose the icon type that catches your fancy.  You can also use the settings to tinker with the layout and decide how many app icons you would want to be displayed on the home screen.

The settings also comes with the shelf feature, all you have to do once you have activated the shelf feature is to swipe to the right and soon the shelf should show up with all the links to the important apps you use along with memo and other features.


#Swipe down: One plus 6 comes with a swipe down function which you can use to swipe down and read the important notifications. You can also deactivate it but that’s the greater thing about one plus 6, It gives you greater control over how you choose to operate your phone.


#The notch: What sets one plus flagship apart from the rest, is that it comes with a notch and yes, some like it and others hate it. If you happen to belong to the later crowd, then all you need to do is to head over to display settings and click on notch display settings.

Your one plus 6 makes it possible for you to hide the notch if that’s what you prefer. Once you choose the “hide the notch”, just give it a quick tap and your notch would have disappeared from your phone.



#Navigation: The great part about one plus 6 is that it allows you to hide the navigation buttons and the dock and to ‘unhide’ the same. Just head over to settings and click on buttons and then on navigation. You can customize it as per your preference and all the changes you initiate will take place intantly.


With a 6.2 inch AMOLED screen, one plus 6 comes loaded with great features including many options that enables you to customize and tweak this handset as per your preference. With these tips, you should be able to do just that, and that’s why one plus 6 is a great phone.


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