Bullets wireless - trendy Bluetooth earphones designed by Oneplus 6

Bullets wireless - trendy Bluetooth earphones designed by Oneplus 6

One plus 6 was launched recently and the common consensus was that it stood out for all the right reasons. But recently the company announced that it was launching anther product and though we all thought that it could be an advanced launch of another variant of one plus 6, that does not seem to be the case. Rather, it is another generation of the bullet line of earphones and for those not in the know, the bullet line of earphones are wireless and comes loaded with Blue tooth. They will become available in the following few weeks but here’s what we know about the lot.

As mentioned earlier, Oneplus had come out with earlier variants of the wireless earphone, bullet and bullet V2 but their performance was just about okay. However, One plus had resumed development on the same and as a result, a better and advanced version of bullets earphones is all set to be released in a matter of weeks. Since Bluetooth audio and streaming has become more advanced, the company decided to come up with a better product than the earlier versions and that’s what the upcoming launch is all about.


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Bullets wireless battery life:

The one thing that any user needs to check when it comes to Bluetooth enabled earphones is to check the battery life. Ever since the rework on the earphones, the new earphones come with 8 hrs of battery life. The one downside to the earlier variants was that you had to keep charging the phone often but with integrated fast charging tech being incorporated into the Bullets, you should be able to use the earphones for 5 hrs only after 10 minutes of charging. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The good news is that you do not have to use one plus fast charging brick to charge the bullets, rather you can use any usb wire to charge it with ease.



Sound quality:

When it comes to audio quality, wired earphones and headphones come with better quality but the audio quality in Bluetooth enabled devices has long since improved. With better designed Bluetooth audio codecs, the quality has indeed improved with better clarity, depth and tone. The Bullets Wireless support Qualcomm’s proprietary aptX and aptX HD Bluetooth audio codecs for high-quality audio output, resulting in better sound notes with little or no distortions.




When you have to pack a battery that lasts for eight hours, the result can be a bit unwieldy but then again one plus has come up with an innovative design, that’s compact, lightweight and comfortable. One plus has indeed made it easy to use and with better audio thanks to various advancements in Bluetooth, users can now enjoy crisp music with little or no distortions, and enjoy it for eight hours at a stretch. The earphones feature inline controls with volume control, a multi-function key that even connects you to Google assistant and an automatic pause and play option as you clip the buds together and unclip them again – making these earphones really easy  and convenient to use. Furthermore, one plus has announced that they are working on making it possible to receive and answer calls on these earphones as well. So now we know what we can expect from one plus in the future.



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The bullets wireless earphones should become available by end June; these earphones should still be available at the rates of £69 / $69 / €69. Of course for those who are interested in wired earphones, you can still go for Bullets V2 wired earphones. It would certainly be interesting to see what else one plus comes with in the near future. What’s more, with bullets wireless, you should be able to use the same with your smart phone and enjoy an enriched experience.


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