7 things you need to do right away with your android phone

7 things you need to do right away with your android phone

Just take a closer look at your android and you would just be surprised with the amount of things that you can do with the same. The fact of the matter is that most of the things you could do with your phone, you have probably never heard of it. Well, here’s the good news- we have managed to collate some of the tips and tricks that you can try out with your android and have listed the same here.

  • Prioritize notifications: One of the neat things that you can do with phones running on android 8.0 Oreo is to tinker with the notifications so that you just get the notification dot. You can just head over to the settings on your phone, and check for notifications. Now head over to the various apps, hold and press it so that the settings for that app come up; here you can set the notification to your preference including the notification dot.



  • Super charge your Wi-Fi: Not many bother to check out the data saving features of the android and chances are that you haven’t either. Just head over to settings and to power, and choose data saver. This should enable you to save on data usage by as much as 30% which should enable your phone to perform better. Apart from this, you can also go over to your Wi-Fi settings, and turn on the “keep Wi-Fi on when asleep” as this should enable your phone to connect to your Wi-Fi even when the display is off and download the requisite files. By opting for this, you should be able to boost your Wi-Fi and get it to perform better.



  • Optimize your battery: This is one of the first things that you need to do; most of the smart phones come with adaptive brightness where sensor readings are used to adjust the brightness of the screen. These sensors do not always work along expected lines and as a result your battery drains faster. In fact, if you were to manually reset the brightness, you should be able to make your batteries last longer. Additionally, all androids come with a battery saver mode –so check your phone and turn on the same, this should help optimize your batteries performance



  • Grant app permission individually: Earlier on, it was a case of mass permissions but now you can tinker with the app permissions at an individual level. Just head over to your app manager and check the settings for each app and set it as per your preference.



  • Use Google assistant: One of the ways that you can optimize your android better is to start using Google assistant more; more to the point with Google assistant set to respond to your voice, you should be able to make and receive other calls as well as optimize the performance of your phone.



  • Set up find my device: This is yet another task that you need to handle right away. The find my device service enables you to lock in data, track a stolen or lost phone, and even deletes its contents. With this service, you should be able to track and locate your phones and in the process, take better measures to protect your data.



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  • Save time with NFC: NFC which stands for near field communication enables your device to pair with others in close proximity. This should enable you to share large files in instant, transfer important information with another device quite easily. The NFC is what makes It possible for two devices to communicate with each other, which is why you are able to pair two or more devices with each other.


These are some of the ways that you can utilize to optimize your phone. Remember to check out the instructions and to follow it to the letter when changing some of the settings so that the phone continues to perform better. And there are few more advanced tips that you should check out like the ones here. But bottom line, if you are not sure about what you are doing, then you may want to seek out professional help  to avoid making any mistakes.


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