Private space: the latest on its EMUI feature

Private space: the latest on its EMUI feature

With every android being released each year by some of the big players such as Samsung, Huawei and others, it has become harder to tell them apart. Most of the flagships contain the same or similar features with only a select few ranking better in terms of its performance but overall, they all resemble each other so much that it is disconcerting.

 However, Huawei seems to have decided to go something about it with its EMUI, the emotional user interface which certainly makes its select phones stand out from the rest for the same reason.

Most of the android OEMs prefer to focus on the look and the feel of the phone, but Huawei has taken it to the next level with its EMUI. And now with features like private space kicking in, Huawei shows how its EMUI skin on top of its android is what we all need to an extent or another.



After all, you do not just want yet another android that looks and feels like every other android out there but that you need something that is different and one that you can connect with on a whole new level. With Huawei’s private space feature along with its EMUI,

it should be easy for you to create a secret account and one that’s private. As it stands, most androids allow you to linkup your phone with one or two accounts; and Huawei does the same except that with its new EMUI feature private space, you can create a hidden account.

The best part is the ease of access as you should be able to access this account with a different pin number, different password or even scan in a different finger with the fingerprint scanner. The whole point is that users have stronger privacy settings with Huawei’s EMUI feature and can count on better security as a result.



You could use this space to install and run your sensitive apps, even your banking apps with none being the wiser, and here’s how you go about installing private space on your phone.

Just head over to device settings and scroll down to security and privacy and tap on it.


private space


Check the drop down menu and under it you should you should find private space along with other features such as app lock, file save and much more.

Just go to the next page and click on enable,




now you should be set as you have successfully enabled EMUI feature private space on your phone.,



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