Redmi S2 sees the light of day

Redmi S2 sees the light of day

Xiaomi unveiled the latest in their series of the redmi budget phones and rolled out Redmi S2; the phone resembles iPhoneX to a certain extent and comes with similar standalone features. It comes with similar aluminum dressed features similar to iPhoneX but apart from that it also comes with 5.22 inch HD display screen with an image resolution of 720*1440 which is comparably good for a budget phone. The handset comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC coupled with an Adreno 506 GPU along with an internal storage of 32 GB and RAM of 3 GB; there is also a 4GB RAM variant which comes with an internal storage of 64 GB. And for those who find the internal storage to be on the low end, there is the option for micro SD slot with option to increase internal storage by 256 GB.

Redmi S2 overview:

Redmi S2 comes with a dual camera system, with a 12 MP and a 5MP with sensor; it also features image sensors along with single led flash, 16 MP shooter featured right in the front along with AI assisted sensors resulting in sharp, crisp and detailed images. It also comes with a 3080 mAh battery; and that’s why when you compare this phone with other budget smart phones out there, you should see it rank somewhere near the top.  When it comes to connectivity, it happens to be WiFi enabled along with having Bluetooth and you should be able to use this handset with any mobile service provider, without a hitch. It also features “mobile hotconnect” along with GPS, headphone jack and so much more.



Looks like iphone x?

Design wise, this phone resembles the Fruitphone X to a large extent, and no surprises there – but the good news for all the notch haters out there is that this phone does not come with a notch. But it does resemble the FruitPhone X in nearly every aspect as far as the design goes, from the same sleek tones to the vertical rear camera module design. You could say that the Fruitphone X was the muse when it came to Redmi S2. The overall design is sleek, with nice flow to it along with being aesthetically appealing.

How to Download and apply Redmi S2 Wallpapers:


redmi s2 hd wallpapers download


The Redmi S2 also comes with various wall papers that you can check out; and you can either download the PNG format or go for the ‘Download in JPEG’ format, either one should do the trick. With so many wall paper designs to pick and choose from, you should soon be able to choose the one you need.  The other thing about this particular handset is that it comes with all the bells and whistles, thereby making it a highly effective functional smart phone and one that’s reputed to perform quite well. You can expect more high resolution wall papers to be added to the gallery so you should be able to pick and choose the one that you like. Redmi S2 has certainly managed to generate a lot of attention in the short time since its launch.


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