Why you need to simplify your smart phone

Why you need to simplify your smart phone

With everyone being obsessed over their androids and the latest models to hit the market and as to the eventual questions of whether they want the notch or the bezel in the new phone, one thing has become extremely clear. That we are all focusing too much on the complexities and missing out on the bigger picture. Perhaps it is time that we all took a breath of fresh air and started simplifying our life, starting with the smart phone.  For one you will find that heading down the simple route should help make your life a lot easier, and more importantly, it should help bring some of that stress down. If you happen to be one of those whose heart skips a beat each time the smart phone beeps out a notification, then it is time that you chose to dumb down that smart phone and opt for a simplified take on it.

Of course, you could go out and purchase one of those budget flip phones but you will then have to make do without the apps and moreover, the call quality on these flip top phones is notoriously poor. And the same can be said of the SMS so you need to check out some of the methods by which you can simplify your phone without sacrificing quality.



  • Streamline the apps: chances are that you do not use most of your apps and the constant stream of notifications is bound to drive you up the wall. So choose which apps you want to retain and delete the rest. Of course, you could also delete all apps but that’s not the point – rather you should aim for retaining those apps that help to make your life easier, such as Swiggy and Uber which you are bound to use often. The same goes for social media platform apps that you use often. Streamline those apps and use the ones you think you need, and that should definitely help make your life easier.


  • Move to the offline mode: The neat thing about apps is that some of them come with an offline mode from Google docs to Google maps; so check the ones that come with an offline mode, download all the latest data and migrate to the offline mode. This should not only help make your life easier but should help you conserve on battery power as well.



  • Turn data off: The other thing that you can do is to turn the mobile data off along with WiFi; doing so should effectively prevent apps from updating constantly as well as prevent them from pinging your phone round the clock. Granted turning off the mobile data may seem a tad risky and chances are that you would still like to use a few apps. This is why you need to install net guard which effectively regulates your online usage and with it, you should be able to turn mobile data off, except for a few apps.


  • Disable the browser: Since the browser over-rides the data settings on some phones, you may want to disable the same. Just head over to settings and check under apps for the browser. And whichever browser that you are using at the moment, just disable it and that should do the trick.

These are some of the ways through which you can simplify your phone; granted the above methods may not be right for everyone but the purpose remains the same. Or you can just give up your smart phone altogether and go in for the simplified version such as a flip top with just call and sms facilities. At the end of the day, you need to opt for one  that helps to make your life easier. So if you are not sure whether this article is for you and that you are not getting increasingly obsessed with your smart phone, try out this simple experiment. Just put your smart phone in the safe and lock it away. And see how long you can go without it, this should help to clue you in as to whether you need a simplified phone or not.


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