One plus 6 details revealed - leaks galore

One plus 6 details revealed - leaks galore

If mobile companies had a reason to love unexpected leaks as that can help build up the anticipation to the expected product release, they must be cursing the current leak and the person behind it all the way from their boardrooms to the parking lot. Even though One plus 6 was due to be launched next week, and with the company keeping most of the details under tight wraps, most of us could only guess at the final shape. Well, we need not wonder any longer thanks to what was an accidental leak that exposed all the features of the phone well before its launch date. Here’s what we gleamed from the leak so far –

  • One plus 6 comes with a HD, at 6.2 inches, AMOLED display with image resolution at 2080*1080, which should definitely put it ahead of some of the other phones. So you can expect better crisp images with this handset. Apart from this, the phone also comes with a notch as most of the rumors doing the rounds had already confirmed the same. The notch is supposed to house the front facing cameras and other sensors as well.

oneplus 6 leak picture

  • It is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset and dual SIM slots which should make it quite good and dual sim is always convenient, not to mention handy


  • It also comes with 6GB RAM as well as 64 GB of internal storage and on the pro version, with 128 GB of internal storage. Other variants of the phone may be launched at a later date with 8 GB of RAM which should indeed pack a powerful punch. It’s performance is expected to rank right at the top. The 8GB RAM is expected to come with 256 GB of internal storage making it the perfect phone for all those who often run out of storage space on their respective androids


  • It also comes with Gorilla glass for front and back and thereby it has additional features such as having scratch, drop resistance along with water resistance as well. We are not yet sure what certification one pus 6 is going to come with, whether it is IP 67 or 68 certification.



  • IT also comes with a finger print scanner in the back as well as dual cameras at 20 and 16 MP respectively.


  • We are still not sure about the battery but one thing is for sure, this phone does pack a mean punch and that’s saying something. According to Amazon Germany, the phone will get listed next week at $620 for the 64 GB version and $680 got the 128GB pro version.


With this near official leak, it seems that there are no more surprises to be had where this phone is concerned. We can all look forward to the launch next week but at least now we know what we can definitely expect from the likes of one plus 6 over the course of the next few weeks.




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