Finger pow -one snap to charge your phone

Finger pow -one snap to charge your phone

With most androids often running out of juice within a short while, it is indeed great that now we have the option of wirelessly charging our phones; for one we can charge multiple devices and for another, we do not have to lug around heavy chargers with us, while we are on the move. There’s nothing more worse than a dead battery, probably a phone that fell into water but you get the gist. That’s why it Finger pow is a great accessory to have, especially if you are on te move often; it is not a wireless charger but a wireless power bank and all it does take is a snap of your fingers and attaching the same to your phone to get it going. The good part about Finger pow is that it is not bulky and quite easy to handle and you can change multiple devices on the go.  Here’re some of the main reasons as to why you need Finger Pow



  • Convenient charging: There are no wires and nothing to keep you and your android anchored to the spot; all you need to do is to remove one of the charging packs from Finger pow bank and just attach the same to your phone and you should be set. This should give your phone a 25% boost in power and then you can use another charged pack to ensure that your phone remains fully charged.  Please remember that this is not a wireless charger but a power bank that can help you to power up your phone and other devices without attaching any wire to the device in question.


  • The need of the hour: As most androids are slated to underperform after an year of active use, chances are that you are finding yourself charging your phone two to three times each day. But with Finger pow, you need not worry about being stuck at home and use one of the charged packs to he[p keep your phone fully charged.


finger pow


  • The concept: Given how most users often face the issue of batteries dying out just when they are in the middle of an important call is what created te need for a wireless power bank that can help facilitate the  phone being charged on the go and the Finger pow does just that remarkably. It is compact and lets you use your phone as you normally do and even commute with the same. That’s indeed a great advantage where phone charging is concerned.


  • The inner workings: Finger pow consists of high capacity lithium batteries along with lithium cobalt oxide cathodes and performs beautifully as expected. This gives the product better efficiency and a higher conversion rate than most of the other chargers out there.



  • Physical look: It is the size of An USB drive and the same can be attached to your phone with ease; until you need that extra bit of charge to kick in, you can attack it to the phone via a key chain, making it one of the most effective ways to charge your phone. It also comes with a magnetic connector as well.


power bank finger pow


  • Subscription: the product is available both in the basic well as in the paid version, please check out the website for more information on the same. As basic members, you may not be able to access all the features as those are allowed only for the premium members.

These are some of the reasons as to why you would want to go for a proper power bank, one with which you can charge your phone even when commuting.

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