Lenovo z5 sketch is out and here is what we can expect

Lenovo z5 sketch is out and here is what we can expect

It seems to be a miasma that has affected nearly every mobile company out there from the likes of Apple to Samsung since they are the ones who often leak news, pictures and even videos - and if latest indications are to be believed, then  Lenovo seems to be doing the same. Lenovo has began to actively tease its customers by releasing sketches of Lenovo Z5 –the soon to be released company’s flagship phone for the year. And from what we can make out, it seems that the new Lenovo z5 will neither be featuring a bezel nor a notch.


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Ever since iPhone came out with its notch and quite a few companies decided to follow suit from the likes of Samsung to others and now with Lenovo z5 coming out notch less only shows that the idea of notch has sharply divided the mobile world. Moving on, it seems from the sketch that the screen to body ratio would be at 95% to 96%, which would make it the highest amongst all the mobiles out there. In fact, if there was a competition for highest screen to body ratio,



Lenovo Z5 would win it hands down, no arguments there. It is a pity that we do not now much more about the phone other than the sketch but if some of the rumors are to be believed,  the instrument may come with an in display fingerprint scanner –again a first, along with in screen earpiece as well as a pop up selfie camera.


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At the moment, we do not have any specs regarding the camera and can only make a few assumptions but it is a novel idea to include a pop up camera. But from what we can make out, the phone certainly looks elegant in every way possible and the curves are just glorious. If that was not enough, there’s the question as to when we can expect its release; with the company being extremely tight lipped, it is widely anticipated that the release would take place around June 14th. Until then, we just have to make do with the sketch and heave a sigh of frustration until June 14th rolls around when we can hold the real deal in our hands.

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