A sneak preview into upcoming Google android-P update

A sneak preview into upcoming Google android-P update

With the smart phone niche becoming increasingly competitive, it is but natural for mobile providers to update their current products and Google has donejust that with its android – P update. Google cheekily announced that it is rolling out an update for its android-P and then failed to provide any concrete reason for the same. And just like last year, Google has rolled out a developer preview as well which should provide the pixel users a better idea of what to expect with Google’s Pixel. The bad news for the “I hate the notch” crowd is that Google is preparing OS to support the same. What this means is that the notch feature is here to stay and that native app developers and others would have to work around the same.

The other changes includes changes in how to reply using the notifications to reply among others along with some much needed improvements for video codecs. If you own a pixel you should be able to test it out but remember that this is the early variant, meaning that it is an early build and as such, it has not been perfected and can cause your phone to experience errors. So before you jump into the developer mode, you may want to take a deep breath, backup all pertinent data on your phone before you test out the latest update.  So if you are ready to go ahead, then this is how you go about it. First download the developer preview, along with adb and fastboot fils.



Now, try to enable usb debugging, all you have to do is to head over to settings and click on about phone and the build number 7 times. Now turn on the developer options – now you are officially a developer. Now turn on USB debugging and you should be set for the next step. Now connect your phone to our computer and click on “allow usb debugging even when connected to the computer”.

 Now boot in your boot loader, simply turn off your phone, and then hold the power and volume button down alternatively. Or you can always use the command box to set it all up with little or no fuss.  Use the command prompt to enter the following command “adb devices” and this should help confirm that the device is indeed connected to the computer. Now, all you have to do is to boot the boot loader by entering the boot loader menu and listing out the following command ‘Adb reboot bootloader’ and then enter this command ‘fasttboot reboot bootloader’ , this should effectively unlock the boot loader.



Now that your bootloader has been unlocked, you can now flash the lot and get the preview image of the developer preview download image, check if the serial number of your pixel phone shows up when you run the following command in the bootloader menu. And if your number does show up, you are all set. It is not an easy process, not by any stretch of imagination but if you are still looking forward to testing out the developer preview, then this is how you do it.


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