Huawei P20 certainly rocks the boat

Huawei P20 certainly rocks the boat

Huawei’s latest entrant to the mobile market the P20 certainly stands out for various reasons and seems to be living up to the hype but what makes this camera unique is that it is also one of the few to feature a triple camera set up at the back of the phone. And nope, the third camera is not just an afterthought but is equally impressive on its own. But let’s take a closer look at the phone and you will soon see why its outstanding in all its aspects.

  • Size: The main camera is larger than even that of Samsung Galaxy S9 at 1/1.78″, which is quite large when you consider the size of the phone. The only downside is that it comes with a slightly slower aperture but despite that, the images shot are still outstanding. As a result of its large size it manages to capture more light and is backed by a monochrome sensor which only increases its effectiveness in capturing pictures with total precision. With the main camera sensor at 40 MP, with a 10 MP image output makes it one of the best android cameras to hit the market of late. And the fact that it is supported by a B&W sensor makes it possible to shoot near perfect images even in low light situations.


  • Bright light: Huawei P20 is designed to deliver fantastic images even in extremely bright conditions. Most of us had to put up with images with white light washing over the image but with the P20 and its dynamic range you should be able to shoot near perfect images, even when under bright light. The images shot are sharp enough with rich detail, with high resolution and good color saturation and clarity. The camera also comes with an autofocus which enables you  to shoot near perfect images under most conditions.
  • Low light and flash: Thanks to its rather large sensor at 1/1.78″, it comes with low noise and is just perfect for shooting images even under extreme low light.  The neat part is that it retains the original color rendering even when shooting images at twilight or for that matter, even in the dark which only goes to show you how good P20’s camera happens to be. Contrary to most expectations, the camera uses LED flash and while this is not that advisable for smart phones, it somehow works for this one, rendering crystal clear images.


  • Zoom: When it comes to the zoom factor the P20 outclasses nearly every other phone out there.  The P20 comes with a dedicated, stabilized 80 mm equivalent focal length zoom lens and as a result, it can shoot near perfect images even from long ranges. Given this, most of the long range images shot with the zoom lens are simply outstanding with stunning details. As with most smart phones it also come with a 4X zoom factor and the richly detailed images even over long distances makes the P20 the top choice when it comes to its zoom lens.


  •  Depth estimation: The depth estimation with the P20 is extremely precise and spot on. As a result, the pictures shot with it come with good subject segmentation with little or no blur


  • Exposure and contrast: The P20 camera also provides for good exposure and contrast, thereby enabling you to shoot extremely detailed and near perfect images. The target exposure is spot on even under the most challenging of light conditions.  The camera showcases good contrast in all its images and this is especially useful if you are trying to shoot a subject but with a bright background. The P20 manages to capture all the details and render near perfect images, each time around.

These are some of the reasons why Huawei’s P20 gets the top billing when it comes to android cameras. It even does a much better job at rendering images better than iPhone X and Googe’s Pixel phones. It remains to be seen if Huawei will make a few more updates and improve the current camera but from all indications the P20 camera is just about perfect in every way possible. So if you are looking for a phone with a good camera, then do not look further than P20

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