Common Huawei P20 LITE problems with fixes

Common Huawei P20 LITE problems with fixes

Huawei p20 lite seems to come with quite a few problems and here are a few fixes that you can use to sort the same. Some of the issues afflicting the performance of P20 lite happen to be – WiFi, Bluetooth, and touchscreen issues along with overheating, not charging and then the usual “sim not detected”. Well, if you are experiencing issues similar to the ones listed then check out below for some fixes for the same.

Wi-Fi :

  • You may want to use the phone’s own internet connectivity, forget about the Wi-Fi for the moment and better yet you may want to remove it from your settings. You can always set up a fresh connection later on. Your phone should work just fine and should even be faster.
  • Restart router: One of the reasons that your phone is not working could be a case of bad router. So check the routers and make sure they work fine; once the router issue is cleared up, your phone should be able to connect to Wi-Fi without any issue
  • Disable power move – yes, chances are that your phone in on the power saver mode as you try to conserve your battery power. While generally this is a good thing it can also actively prevent new connections from being formed and that includes WiFi. So check your phone to see if it is on the power saver mode.

Bluetooth issues :

  • If your Bluetooth is not working then one of the effective ways to resolve this is to restart your phone. Generally this should help resolve any Bluetooth issues,
  • Pair less devices as pairing one too many devices places more load on the phone itself and can cause it to work slowly and even malfunction. So pair one device at a time.
  • Clear cache: Even a simple clearing of the cache should make your phone function better than before.

Touch screen not working :

  • Clean your screen; chances are that you have not cleaned it in a while and the buildup of dust and detritus on the screen is one of the reasons why it is not working
  • Remove it from the cover and clean it of all dust and fingerprints, this should get your touch screen working again.
  • Do a force restart; with a force restart most touch screen issues should be resolved in a matter of minutes

Overheating :

  • If you find that your phone overheats often, then chances are that you have a lot of apps running in the background. Most of these apps do generate heat even when they are running in the background so either close or remove some of these apps and that should resolve the issue
  • You can also remove the cover and leave it in the open; sometimes the P20 lite may overheat due to lack of adequate ventilation so remove it from the cover and leave it in the open.
  • Avoid placing your device in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as this can cause both the device to overheat and malfunction.



Not charging :

  • One of the reasons that your phone Is not charging is because there’s something wrong with your charger. So change the charger or get a new one and this issue should be resolved
  • Additionally, you may also want to check the USB cable since that can prevent your phone from charging as usual.
  • And if you are using a charging port, make sure that you remove all dirt and detritus from the same as this can prevent your phone from charging

Fingerprint not working :

  • If the finger print scanner is not working then remove records of all other finger prints from your phone and then re-register one at a time. This should help you resolve the issue
  • If you are still not able to get the scanner to scan your prints then either the scanner has some dirt on it or your fingers are too oily.

SIM card not detected :

  • Check and see if you are in airplane mode as this severely restricts your SIM card functionality. If you have turned on the airplane mode by mistake, then switch it off
  • Check and see if your sim card is damaged; there are various reasons why your SIM card could not work and one of the main reasons is that the SIM card was damaged,

These are some of the common fixes for trouble shooting the various Huawei P20 problems,


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