Mi A2, the latest release from Xiaomi, Specs, Price, Launch date, Camera, Image

Mi A2, the latest release from Xiaomi, Specs, Price, Launch date, Camera, Image

Xiaomi launched Mi A2 last week in an event in China and it is soon due to be released here in India as well. Mi A2 certainly seems to be living up to all the hype that’s been building up ever since the first video of Mi A2 got leaked online. Here’s to taking a closer look at some of the specs that seems to be making MiA2 stand apart from the rest of the competition for all the right reasons.


The smartphone runs on Android Oreo and comes with a 5.99 inch HD display along with 4GB RAM and paired with an Octa-core snapdragon processor. MiA 2 is certainly turning out to be one of the impressive smartphones to come out recently. It has an internal storage of 64 GB which should make it perfect and customers can always opt for expanded storage if required.  It comes with Dual sim and supports 4G, 3G, 2G, Volte, with Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth 4.2, and a USB type C port.  The MiA2 is expected to be priced at 14999 INR, and as soon as it is launched in India, we’ll know if this pricing is right on the dot. Here are a few reasons as to why you may want to opt for Xiaomi’s Mi A2


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The MiA2 comes with an impressive camera set up; currently featuring dual cameras at  12 MP and 20 MP at the rear, the camera sure packs a punch. More importantly, Mi A2 uses dual lens along with AI to capture the perfect image in all the right shades and tones.  The cameras are programmed to detect 12 different scenes and should enable you to shoot the perfect picture in high resolution.


MiA2 comes with an impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa core processor that makes this phone stand out or all the right reasons. The processor is a much needed improvement and as a result, the MiA2 is much faster and performs better.



Better image resolution:

Since the MiA2 packs a 5.99 inch screen with an image resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels, you should be able to get better images with this phone along with various modes such as night mode, standard mode, color adjustment support and much more.

Operating system:

MiA2 is also one of the few phones to feature the very latest in Android, it currently features android 8.1. And if that was not reason enough, the fact that the phone looks quite good and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye should be more than enough reason to want to purchase it.


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India launch date:

 Although Xiaomi is yet to set up any official launch for its MiA2 for the Indian market, the fact remains that more news is being leaked out regarding an imminent release. And if that was not enough, references to a quick launch were found on the Indian MiA1 website. This only indicates that we can expect the launch can happen anytime soon. We can expect the launch to happen sometime in June, going by past releases.




MiA2 is expected to be featured as a premium smartphone, with advanced features including internal storage of 64 GB.  The product is bound to feature a discount version with 4GB RAM and a premium version with 6GB RAM, with the pricing at 14999 INR and 17999 INR respectively. These are reasons enough to wish for the launch date to get closer; to all intents and purposes MiA2 is certainly living up to all the hype and expectations of its customers, and soon in a matter of few weeks, we should have the product release taking place in India as well.



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