Oneplus 6, specs, launch date, tech details, images, accessories, price

Oneplus 6, specs, launch date, tech details, images, accessories, price

One plus, a well-recognized brand has recently announced and pushed back its launch date to May 16th when it will be holding a special event. Often tagged as one of the best chances for taking on the big guys like Samsung and others but ever since it ran into several issues with its last product, it seems that the widely anticipated one plus 6 will indeed be an eye opener for all the right reasons and going by some of the rumors it is supposed to feature a glass back which should enable it to go head to head with Samsung and others.


Here’s what we assume we know about One plus Six, it is supposed to contain a notch on the top just like iPhone and others. However, it seems that one plus is certainly paying attention to what its users had to say about the image renderings that were released ahead of the launch. It now seems that one plus 6 comes with a glass back and is more likely to be containing wireless charging options.



Otherwise there is no reason why you would want to go with a glass back. Other than that, we can guess that it contains dual cameras, RAM of 8 GB, internal storage of 128 GB, and comes with a 6.2 inch OLED screen. It is rumored to run on android 8 with an aspect ratio of 19:9.  It is also supposed to come with a battery of 3450 mAh so one plus 6 should certainly pack a punch.


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Here’s why we may want to purchase one plus 6 as soon as it launches for just about all the rumors we get to hear regarding the product only seems to confirm what we had heard to date, from the company itself. Here are a few reasons why you may want to go for this phone.



  • Air pods: It seems that One plus 6 fully intends to go head to head with the big guys and it certainly is signaling its intent by including wireless bullets with the phone. Now, your headphones no longer have to be attached to your phone to work but instead you can sync the wireless headphones with your device and we should be set.
  • Glass back: For one with one plus 6 and a glass back, it should certainly stand out for all the right reasons. Soon you would be holding a phone that packs a glass back and looks attractive in the process.
  • High end cameras: Most smartphones feature two cameras, one in the front and one in the back, with both the cameras being 20 and 16 MP respectively. These cameras, coupled with better processing speed should ensure that you are able to shoot high resolution images with better clarity and more editing features. From the news that we have got so far it seems that both the cameras would be vertically  aligned which is indeed a welcome departure from the other models
  • Pricing: As far as prices goes it is expected to be around $749 which would make the pricing closer to Samsung Galaxy S9.  The phone is tagged as a high end phone and should have none of the issues that the other one plus mobiles came with. And you can also expect a budget variant of the phone along with a premium version.


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