Moto G5 vs Redmi note 4

Moto G5 vs Redmi note 4

Lenovo’s MOTO G5 had long been touted as the perfect budget phone, but ever since its launch, it had to go up against some of the big guns in the smart phone market. Here’s to taking a closer look at the lot. One of the things that you need to remember when it comes to budget smart phones are that they rarely cost less than 10 grand so calling them the budget smart phone may seem a tad oxymoronic but that’s that. Anyway, here’s to taking a closer look at both these phones and to check and see how they compare.

The look:


moto g5   redmi note 4


Moto G5 comes with a replaceable battery, something that you do not often get to see in smart phones these days. But the great part is that this moto legacy phone certainly looks great with full on body metal. It certainly looks trendy and sleek; Xiaomi’s Redmi note 4 is nothing to sneeze at either. With its own metal look, and a perfect finish, it certainly looks good and is easy on the eye. Both the phones come with add-on features such as a fingerprint scanner with the location in the front in case of MOTO G5 and in the back in the case of Redmi note 4.


Both the phones come with Full-HD 1080p IPS LCD display panel; apart from this MOTO G5 comes with a 5 inch HD screen whereas Redmi note comes out on the top with a slightly larger screen at 5.5 inches. More than that, when it comes to the processor, the moto5g is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor whereas redmi ‘s snapdragon 625 does a fantastic job. As far as memory and storage space goes the MOTOG5 comes with 3GB RAM  and 16GB internal storage. Whereas redmi note on the other hand comes with 2 GB ram and 32 GD of internal storage. Both the phones support external storage so you can always purchase sd card and use them for expanding the memory.  The motog5 is the only one of the two to come with a dedicated micro-sd slot.




Both the Moto G5 and Redmi note comes with 13 megapixel rear facing camera; while the rear facing camera seems to be the norm what stands out is that both these phones sport a 13 megapixel camera instead of the usual 12 MP.  The cameras on both these phones are quite similar, with the same f/2.0 aperture as well as phase detection autofocus. However MOTO G5 does one better as it also comes with a 5 MP front facing camera. On flash, both the phones come with flash, where MOTO G5 comes with a single LED flash, Redmi note comes with dual LED flash.


 both these phones support all local mobile networks and come with dual SIM option and also with 4GLTE connectivity. The increased RAM in Redmi note should make it slightly faster and a little more efficient than MOTO 5G.


Moto G5 packs a punch with its 2800 mAh battery but since it also comes with proprietary turbo charging features, it is much easier to charge this phone. Redmi Note comes with a better battery at 4800mAh, with certain charging limitations. Given this, it is obvious that MOTO G5 is the better performer of the two.



Noughat vs Mashmallow:

Moto G5 runs on android Noughat which is much more effective than its earlier variant, Marshmallow which is what Redmi contains; with Noughat powering up Moto G5, users should be able to navigate through the various sections with ease. Redmi note is fsat, but not just as fast as with Moto G5


This is one of the first things that you need  to look out for when considering which smart phone to buy; MOTO G5 ,comes with a price tag of 9999 INR whereas Redmi note is currently pegged at 11999 inr.

The above comparisons should tell you which phone ranks right at the top; so check it out and choose the phone that seems to be a good fit

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