Top reasons why Samsung Galaxy S9 is one better than iPhone X

Top reasons why Samsung Galaxy S9 is one better than iPhone X

While it would indeed be underselling all the great features of iPhone x by claiming that Samsung galaxy S9 is better of the two, there are a few reasons why that indeed seems to be the case. On the outset, you may think that iPhone x is definitely better of the two since it is sure to contain some outstanding features which is a given since it is an iPhone but the reasons listed below would have you thinking otherwise. Read on to know more.

OLED display:

One of the reasons for most of Samsung phones to stand out is its outstanding OLED display; the new one lives up to all the hype surrounding OLED displays. Surprisingly, iPhone x has come up with its own OLED display but sadly, it fails to match up to the one Samsung has on its S9 unit. Compare both the display side by side and anyone would be able to make out that Samsung’s OLED display is a class of its own, with vibrant colors that cause the image to pop.


Time is valuable so why spend hours waiting for your phone to get charged; this is one of the reasons why most smart phones come with an add-on feature of fast charging, for which you would be required to pay extra. But Samsung has certainly managed to steal a march on everyone, including iPhonex by offering fast charging mode, for free. Essentially, when you pay for your S9, you get it along with fast charger, in the box itself. And of course, if the ‘read between the lines message’ was not clear it was that Samsung cares more about its customers than its profit margin which needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Cardio check up:

Well, the S9 comes with its own blend of innovative features like the built-in heart rate monitor; usually you would see this featured mostly on smart watches. But Samsung has done one better by including the same in its latest product, the S9. With this heart rate monitor and of course, a fingerprint scanner to boot, the S9 manages to steal the limelight away from iPhonex. Ever since Iphone removed fingerprint scanner off all its devices and instead opted to use facial recognition, it has failed time and time again, whereas with S9, you can always look forward to efficient fingerprint scanner, providing you with that extra bit of security.


One of the issues with most smart phones is that they often lacked an adequate audio jack, which could have enabled users to plug in their headphones to their smart phones. Thankfully the S9 comes with an audio jack that still manages not to mar the sleek look that the S9 comes with.

Android vs iOS:

Well since iPhonex runs on iOS, it is pretty much set and there’s not much you can do when it comes to customizing the phone. Android based phones like the S9 on the other hand provide you with more flexibility and leeway so that you can customize your phone. For example, with the S9, you can now create some amazing home screens from scratch, which frankly is a lot more than you can do with iPhone x.

Bezels or no bezels:

The iPhonex comes with a notch on the top that houses the camera and in the process does away with the bezel; but the galaxy S9 does not feature a notch. So while others may claim that the look is old, the fact remains is that the S9 still manages to steal the show with its larger than life sized bezels.


Samsung has certainly outdone all other phones in the market including iPhone x with its nifty audio features. From the Dolby Atmos feature to boost th music to UHQ upscaler, tube amp pro to make the sounds better and to round them off, makes it clear that the S9 certainly has outdone itself. What’s more, with this phone, you should be able to link up to external speakers as well.

These are some of the ways by which Samsung S9 is indeed much better when compared to iPhone x.


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