Everything that you need to know about android P-O-S

Everything that you need to know about android P-O-S

Change is inevitable and that certainly seems to be the case where smart phones are concerned. From the revolution we had seen taken place when Androids were launched for the first time in 2008, androids have indeed come a long way. Before androids, we had to deal with Java updates but ever since its inception in 2008, android processing programs have undergone several modifications with the end result leading to enhanced user experience. Google has often led the market when it came to revolutionary changes as it did with its latest Oreo but now we hear that there is something else cooking in the wind, and the short acronym happens to be P-O-S.

Most of the recent android processing programs have all been named after one desert or another, including Oreo and in all fairness, we expect this one to follow suit as well. At the moment, this program was released to developers only in march 2018 but it is widely anticipated that the same will be available to the public post the Google I/P convention, in June.



 Google did the same thing with Oreo and it is expected that the new one will follow suit. As for the name, we expect it to be named after a pie, or pineapple ice cream, or even pistachio cake. But whatever moniker that Google comes up for the new android variant one thing’s for sure - we can expect enhanced interaction and various IOT applications as well with their next product launch.

There are a few things we can expect with this latest generation of android, let’s call it android P.

Real time positioning:

It is widely expected that Google maps will utilize your RTT or round trip information to determine your distance from your WiFi so as to provide you with a better read on your indoor positioning. This is being done so as to provide you with an accurate read on your current positioning and in real time at that.



Improved notifications:

For the moment, depending on the phone, most of us have to make do with ordinary notifications. Now, thanks to android P, we can look forward to enhanced notification feature. Earlier on, even if someone sent us a message with media attached, we used to just get a simple text notification. But with the new android, we can expect notification messages to feature a snippet or  a preview of the media in question.

Enhanced privacy:

One of the interesting features about android P is the way it goes about enhancing your privacy. Privacy is important to Google and it is inevitable that the latest launch will showcase the same. With android P, users no longer fear that their apps will read their data and other usage information even from an ideal state. When an app has not been used for long and has been tagged as “ideal”, it will no longer be able to fetch user data and other key information.



Multi camera support:

Thanks to android P, users can now use cameras with ease and advanced functionality. Earlier on, users could either use the camera in the front or the one in the back. But now, with android P, users should be able to use both the cameras at the same time. Of course, the question remains as to why anyone would want to use both cameras at the same time, but with Google’s android P, you should be able to do just that and much more.


With more emphasis on a full screen, notches have become the mainstay of most of the top leading smart phones in the market today. It is widely expected that the Google product will feature the same that will enable its users to access all its key functionality and enjoy enhanced user experience in the process.

These are some of the things that you can look forward to with Google’s launch drawing closer. One still has to get more information on the product itself, how it operates, how it ranks better in comparison with Oreo and others. Well, since the launch should happen sometime in June, we need not wait that much longer till android P hits the market.

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