Nomad 100 W USBC cable review

Nomad 100 W USBC cable review

When it comes to USB cables, one of the irritating issues is that most of these cables, despite costing so much do not last the distance.  This is why it makes sense to go in for a cable that is more robust and durable.  There’s no denying the fact that most of the current accessories hardly last through the year but then again, it seems that the Nomad 100 stands apart for all the right reasons. From the box to the outer packing, it certainly looks sturdy enough.

The one thing that you are bound to notice right away is the fact that Nomad 100 W appears thicker than most USB cables and that’s for the simple reason that the internal cable is 20 AWG as it comes with a Kevlar core, thereby making the cable stronger and more robust. In addition, the cable also has several layers of coating including RFC shield, PC and much more. That’s why this cable is thicker than most and offers you more value for your money as it is designed to last. The cable also comes with 500 D braided ballistic nylon making it easier to handle.


nomad cable layers


One of the main reasons as to why you need a durable cable is the fact that when you are on the move, or need to travel elsewhere, the cable is often one of the first items to develop an issue. Wear and tear will cause the cable to malfunction which is why you should always opt for a durable cable and the Nomad seems to fit the bill.  As the cable is thick, it is not going to get tangled or develop bends that will start impacting the functioning of the cable itself. 


At either end of the cable, the Nomad comes with heavy plastic protectors for both ends of the cable which should help protect the cable.  The connectors themselves are made from machined aluminum which is often used in top end products.  When it comes to performance, this cable stands out as it can help your notebook or laptop get charged real fast. From providing 100 watts of power to providing a durable connection, Nomad is indeed perfect in almost every way. For data, it is rated at USB 3.12.1 gen, which essentially means that it should be able to reach speeds of 10 GBPS.



While the overall physical length is slightly lower than expected, at three feet, but it should still be enough for you to connect the cable to power points., The cable is indeed as good as they come, providing you with seamless functioning. The fact that this cable was specifically designed to last users is why it stands out from the rest. Now, you would not have to purchase any new cable every few months and instead can opt for the Nomad which should last you a long while.


cable design


The good news is that Nomd is not too expensive and it comes with a $40 price tag which makes it worth it.  Yes, there are cheaper ones in the market but these ones are neither robust nor will they provide you with much speed either. This is why you may want to spend just a little more and go for a robust USB cable.

At the end of the day, it is not all about how the cable looks, or what color it is in – rather it is about what the cable brings to the table. In the case of Nomad, the cable is solid, thick and robust and built to be durable. Above all the cable is supposed to provide you with what you need, seamless functioning round the clock and the Nomad 100W USB cable does all of that  and much more.  So my advice is that you should go in for this next generation in USB cables and look forward to using it for a long while.


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