IClever boost cube wireless charger

IClever boost cube wireless charger

Given the issues that we often face when getting our phones and laptops charged, it is indeed a welcome relief to come across something like the iClever boost cube wireless charger. This wireless charger is certainly easy on the eye and enables all qi enabled devices to be charged right away, all you have to do is to place your device on top and that’s it. The wireless charger can be connected to a power port via cable and it offers two modes when charging – 5W and 10W

Qi devices are those that can be charged at a distance without the need to connect them to any power port which is why such devices are becoming the norm these days. These devices are indeed convenient to use, especially if you are out on the road often.



The wireless charger works on the same principle and can charge devices without the need to connect to any power port. It primarily works on the principle of inductive power coupling between coils. This essentially allows this wireless charger to charge any device that’s placed on it and you can alter the charging speed as per your preference as well.

The box:


wirelless charger

The iClever wireless charger comes with a standard cardboard box, that lists out all the contents on one side. iClever wireless charger comes packed with a manual which should provide you with all the info you need on the device, on how to set it up and what you need to know, to start using it effectively. Apart from this, the manual should also provide information on voltage protection, high temperature and short circuit protection as well.  The charger itself should be well protected beneath its plastic molding. The box should also contain a warranty card which you can use in case you run into any warranty issues

The design:


design of wireless charger

The overall design is pleasing on the eye; the wireless charger is covered by a leather finish on the top, with the logo of the company, embossed right in the center of the charging station. The leather as a base should make it  a lot easier to clean and leather offers you a better robust and durable option than anything else. Moreover as the charger is round, you can connect it to the power port from any end, and it would still charge up the devices as required. The back and the sides of the charger are made from black anodized aluminum which is good for both durability and heat transfer. It also comes with an LED indicator which should start burning brightly, the moment you connect the charter to a power port.

The process:



You are supposed to use the accompanying cable to connect the charger to a power port so that you can now use it to charge devices. As the charging platform gets charged, the LED blinks on for three seconds indicating the device is ready to be used. Now as you place your phone on to the charging platform, the charge should automatically start charging your phone. And the great thing about this charger is that it starts to blink if there is even a small foreign object present between the charger and the device it is supposed to be charging. The fact that it comes with flexible powering options makes this  a worthwhile buy by all counts.


It is quite fast when charging devices and can power up iPhones in seventy minutes and others for even less. You’ll find that the iPhones can only be charged at 5W and not more but this is clearly indicated in the manual itself.




 This is a good buy; the charger seems quite durable and can be easily set up to charge any and all devices.  It costs around $21 and you should be able to get a good deal for the same on amazon. That being said, this product is certainly worth the price tag when you take into account the fact that it can charge all your devices in a matter  of minutes, this one gets our vote for being one of the top wireless chargers. The only downside is that the box doesn’t seem to list that you are required to charge the charger itself. But other than that, this wireless charger is just perfect.

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