Epic games Fortnite, makes it to the big league

Epic games Fortnite, makes it to the big league

While the world of android games is still evolving, the reality is that most of the people do love playing games, even to the point of missing out on social interactions or watching the latest movies. This is not to imply that android games are addictive but they are to an extent, but rather that more games are being released with an innovative touch that makes them all the more engrossing. Epic games’  Fortnite is the perfect example of the same, and even a closer look at the last six days of earnings, which incidentally topped at $6.4 million makes it clear that once this game hits Google play, there will be no holding back Fortnite.



To put it in perspective, Fortnite on iOS is outperforming and outclassing some of the top leaders such as Candy Crush, Pokemon and more. It is becoming apparent to one and all that Fortnite means business and is currently eating away at other games and is emerging as a hot favorite (no pun intended).  For example, Candy Crush earned just about $5.8 million in the same 6 day period which puts Fortnite ahead. While it is too early to assume that Fortnite will continue to be a leader where android games are concerned, the fact remains that it is one at the moment. The indications are there, some of the other games have been around for years; games such as pokemon, candy crush and so far, Fortnite has managed to outperform both of them.


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Unlike most games, Fortnite is free to play and yet, manages to rake in the big bucks thanks to the various add-ons that users can purchase when playing the game – from silly costumes to a three month subscription for Battle pass.  The three month subscription is pegged at nearly ten USD, which is not much when you consider that it is for three months and not just one. One of the major reasons for Fortnite’s success happens to be smart timing and the fact that it offers users something that’s both different and interesting at the same time.

The concept of the game seems pretty basic and is loosely based on Battlegrounds but with a more nuanced take on the whole “last man standing wins all”. The game while free to play, does not allow you to pay and advance; rather you are required to prove your expertise before you can move on to the next level which makes this game all the more interesting.



Apart from the ‘free to play’ feature; the fact that you cannot use money to move onto next level makes it even more attractive which accounts for its popularity.  The fact that the android version is pretty much the same as the gaming console or the desktop version means that you should be able to access all its main features without compromising on key functionality when playing the game on your phone.




Players can spend money on the site purchasing various cosmetics, get a whole new look, with all the in-game emotes, skins and much more.  Epic only recently launched the game onto the market, until then you could access the same only with a special invite. But since march , the daily revenues of the company has treble from $600000 to over $1.8 million, making it one of the top grossers for any new games to hit the market. According to Sensor times the game has been downloaded 11 million times and that number is just staggering when you take into account that this is a brand new game.



It is widely expected that as Epic’s Fortnite, gets released onto Google play and other similar platforms, its revenue is bound to increase further; at this rate you should expect Fortnite to top all the other games if the current trend holds. On the outset, the game is entertaining and is free to play which is a big plus; and of course the fact that you cannot pay to advance makes it all the more interesting. As  a player, you can purchase all the cool costumes you need and much more. So, if you are on the lookout for top android games,  then you may want to start off with Fortnite.


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