Samsung Gear S5 takes on Apple watch series 4

Samsung Gear S5 takes on Apple watch series 4

One of the most eagerly anticipated showdowns for this year happens to be the imminent release of Samsung gear S4 as well as Apple’s own watch, series 4. With these two heavyweights slugging it out, it is bound to get interesting in more ways than one. With both these companies set to release their off the shelf wearable’s, we thought that it was time that we took a closer look at what to expect and see how they match up to each other, based on what we know so far.





apple series 4

Samsung’s S4 is bound to retain the same design as its earlier variants, with a few key differences such as featuring an OLED display along with its signature rotating bezel. According to some of the rumors and news leaks, it is expected that the OLED display will be used both for display and for added functional features though what it is going to be, will be known only during the product release. The other rumor concerns the battery itself; it seems that Samsung may come with an innovative battery strap that would allow it to use the battery space in the watch for something else. But guess we will have to wait till it hits the market

Apple watch series 4:


apple watch series 4

Let’s start off with the good news; apple who had kept the design unchanged since the first product release in 2015 are finally going in for a makeover. The new design is supposed to result in 15% larger display and a more robust battery, which would definitely be an improvement.  The overall shape is going to remain the same and similar to Samsung, Apple is rumored to be exploring the idea of using strap for batteries thereby freeing valuable space in their watch for something else.



samsung gear s5

When it comes to software, Samsung’s gear S4 is believed to come with better integration and speed; moreover as with its earlier variants it is supposed to come with better addons including the one concerning health. So you can expect something similar with S4, with maybe an indicator for blood pressure or sugar level or a cardiac monitor. One can only guess at what’s around the corner.

Going by all the rumors doing the rounds, it is expected that Apple will retain the same software, fine tune it so that it makes for the perfect fitness companion. Well, the earlier Apple variants came loaded with heart rate monitor, activity detection and much more of the same. So you can expect Apple’s latest model to feature the same with enhanced functionality.


We used the earlier models as a bench mark and believe that Samsung Gear S4 would carry a price tag of $340 approximately. Of course, it all depends on the phone itself and seeing that there are no new leaks of any earth shaking features, we expect Samsung gear to carry a price tag around the target rate. Of course, they could introduce a premium model but either way we should know much more about the phone and how much it would cost, in a matter of few weeks.



Given all the info that we know about Apple’s earlier smart watches, and the price tags they came with – we fully expect Apple to launch its Wifi version for $340 for the same and around $420 for its standalone version. Apple always marked its products up slightly so this price is to be expected.  It all depends on the phone features and its key functions, which we should know in a matter of weeks.


samsung vs apple smartwatch



With both the wearables due to hit the market soon, you can see that they are almost evenly matched. This is why you may want to wait a while before you pre-book your smart watch from either Samsung or Apple. Just wait for the product release, check and compare the features of both the products and then decide which one works for you best. At the end of the day the watch should serve its purpose which is why it is highly advised that you wait until the product release. You can then check out the price tags, key functions and choose one that suits your current budget.

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