Best front facing camera - androids

Best front facing camera - androids

With so many smartphones getting launched each month, it can be a little hard to keep track of the lot. But we did just that, we sat through all the various editions and picked out some of the best android front facing cameras. The good news is that irrespective of our list, most cameras are designed to provide you with the best focused image – the only difference is that some phones do it a lot better than others. Here are our top picks, do check them out and keep in mind that the more features the camera comes with, the higher the price tag.

Google Pixel 2/ pixel 2XL:

google pixel 2 image

Google’s flagship phone certainly lives up to its name; the image rendered is sharp, nearly flawless and crystal clear. You just cannot ask for more than that when it comes to smartphones; Google’s Pixel comes with an 8MP front facing camera which is great for taking selfies.  It may lack the autofocus feature of Samsung’s latest releases, S8 and S9 but it is just great at picking out the subject and rendering flawless pictures which makes Google’s Pixel 2 a good buy.



Google’s Pixel is pretty easy to use and the front camera also comes with a portrait mode which makes it all the more interesting. You can use the portrait mode to render perfect images, with your image being sharper, and much clearer than the usual sort you get with most other phones. Incidentally, Google’s Pixel 2 is the only one with the front facing camera featuring a portrait mode, which is why this is the perfect phone for taking selfies.  On the plus side, Google’s Pixel is easy to use, so you do not have to keep tinkering with settings unnecessarily and it really separates the foreground subject from the background, resulting in sharp, crystal clear pictures. Need we say more?

Samsung S8 and S9:

samsung s8 and s9

Samsung was certainly leading the market when it came to front facing cameras, at least until Pixel 2 came out. But despite Google’s Pixel 2 cornering a share of the market, Samsung’s S 8 and S9’s cameras still stand out for several reasons. Both these phones feature 8MP sensor, front facing camera with autofocus feature. So all you have to do is to point and shoot; it’s that easy, when it comes to snapping pictures with Samsung’s S8/ S9. The camera has not changed much since last year, it comes with f/1.7 lens and autofocus feature and allows you to change the mode, as per your preference.



The images rendered are a little less sharp but on the plus side, they come with AR emoji, stickers, filters and various editing tools that you can use to brush up the images. Overall, it is good for both taking selfies as well as for shooting videos. Incidentally the galaxy S9 is the only one with front facing camera with autofocus feature.

Honor 7X:

honor 7x image

If you are concerned about the budget and for what it’s worth, anyone would be – in which case, you may want to opt for the Honor 7x. Of all the budget phones out there, this is the one that comes with the best front facing camera to date. It comes with an 8 MP camera and is currently priced at $200 which is not exactly cheap. But it is the one that comes close to offering you similar features to the other two listed above, and provides you the best value for money.



The Honor 7X is pretty fast and great at taking selfies and you can use the various editing tools to edit the image accordingly. The good news is that you can also upgrade to a better camera from the same maker, by paying just a little more.


As mentioned earlier, Samsung ruled the market where front facing cameras were concerned but ever since Google Pixel hit the market, things have changed for the better. If Rumors are to be believed, it seems that Samsung has something in the works that could well dethrone Pixel 2 but we will have to wait till its released. For now, when it comes to selfies, our top pick would have to be Google’s Pixel 2.


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