The best Oppo phones for 2018

The best Oppo phones for 2018

With Oppo coming up with more launches for this year, the catalog of available oppo models seems be growing in both size and specs; while Oppo initially designed their product for the budget category, they have certainly started to come out with better and newer variants.

One of the reasons for Oppo’s increasing popularity is the fact that its phones are built with cutting edge technology and seamless functioning, thereby offering mobile users the best value for their money’s worth. Oppo, with its increased focus on providing users with the best smartphone possible, at the most competitive rate, has certainly decided to go head to head with the big guys out there, from the likes of Samsung to others. 



The good news is that now users can opt for their preferred Oppo phone depending on their taste and budget; they can go in for the premium version or stick with the low end phone. But if you are still confused over which Oppo phone to purchase, then you may want to review our top picks. The list below should clue you in as to the various phones available in the market today and clue you in as to which one suits you better. Oppo is available in both China and India, two of the largest mobile markets in the world, Oppo models are yet to be available in the US, only a few select models have been released over there.

Oppo R15 pro




Oppo recently launched the Oppo R15 standard and pro; the current model is similar in almost all aspects with iPhoneX, from the aspect ratio of 19:9 to its display notch. Both the R 15 dream mirror and the standard variants are very similar, with a full screen, 6.8 inch HD display and OLED screen. Both the phones come with snapdragon processor. The Pro version comes with 6 GB ram and an internal storage of 128 GB along with  dual cameras where the main camera is at 20 MP. The standard version comes with a 5 MP camera; both these sets are priced at 32,000 inr and 31000 inr for the standard variant.

Oppo R11 S Plus




The Oppo R11 S plus is certainly attractive to look at – featuring a sleek design that comes with a large 6.43 Inch screen, but overall image resolution is a little less crispy but that’s to be expected with a large screen. It is powered by Snapdragon 660 chipset, and comes with 6 GB ram as well as 4000 mAH battery, along with dual cameras with the main camera at 20 MP.  The standard model comes with a smaller screen at 6.1 inch screen with a 4 GB ram.

Oppo F7




Oppo recently launched the Oppo F7, with the camera sporting the same larger than life screen at 6.23 inches, with full HD resolution along the same lines of Oppo R 15.This phone though comes with a better camera, at 25 MP making it one of the preferred selfie camera, given its resolution and image clarity. The phone also features the same battery as the other Oppo variants but is priced competitively. Given its look, features, the Oppo F7 should be a definite hit worldwide.

Oppo F5




Oppo F5 was Oppo’s first budget phone to be released last year; it comes with a 6 inch full display panel +HD resolution and much more. It comes with dual cameras at 16 and 20 MP as well as 6GB ram.  Both the standard and the pro version comes with internal storage of 32 and 68 GB respectively,

Oppo A 83




The Oppo A 83 is one of the most competitively priced Oppo phones out there; at 12000 INR, it certainly provides you with everything you need in a smartphone and yet comes with an attractive price tag.  The Oppo A83 comes with the same design aspect of the earlier Oppo variants, at 18:9, along with dual cameras, good display screen as well as decent battery. It manages to outperform others including Redmi, which says it all about this current phone.

These are some of the top Oppo phone models for the current year, and with more launches and releases to happen soon, you can expect much more from Oppo.

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