Oneplus 6 rocks the boat with hand gestures

Oneplus 6 rocks the boat with hand gestures

One Plus 6 is all set to be launched soon and as a result, the company has started leaking information about its latest model including pointing out the fact that its new product will indeed feature cutting edge technology including hand gesture controls. That certainly got everyone hooked on to more information on the phone itself. If that was not enough, the company even posted a teaser trailer, showcasing just how different the One Plus 6 was going to be which has certainly got the market agog.

It was widely expected that the One Plus 6 will indeed take on iPhoneX by incorporating some of the similar hand gestures, from app overview to swiping actions. Apart from this, the phone also features the screen notch feature like iPhoneX but with a few changes. As Pete Lau, the CEO of one plus explained, the new One Plus 6 will come loaded with a compatibility feature that will enable users to block the edges of the notch by using the landscape mode.



One of the most common complaints against iPhone X was this very specific issue, and the fact that One Plus took note of the same and decided to provide an improvement on iPhone’s design flaw, only shows that it is dead serious about taking iPhone and others head on.

The mobile maker has already confirmed some of the other rumors doing the rounds starting with confirming that the new product will indeed be called One plus 6. It is also widely expected that One Plus will also introduce wireless bullet headphones at around the same time as One Plus 6 is launched.

One Plus 6 is to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor, along with 8 GB ram and 256 GB internal storage, which is a lot by any standard. Given the huge internal storage, which is huge for this company since this will be their first model to feature the same – the pricing is expected to be slightly on the high end. It is also likely to feature dual cameras, but as of date, no specific information on these cameras have been leaked out yet.



But what has gotten everyone interested are the interesting teasers that the company has put out so far; a careful read of the same makes it apparent that the company has in reality not specified anything much other than giving out a few details. For example, the much hyped hand gesture controls - we are still not sure which hand gestures are to be included in One Plus 6 - we expect it will at the least, feature one for app overview and another for swiping ahead or back. But these are all guesses at this point though if One Plus is serious about taking iPhoneX on, then it may have to feature whole new different gestures altogether.

From the videos and images leaked out, we can see that it comes with a really trendy design and looks sleek. In all probability, it will feature two cameras with a main camera with higher pixel resolution, the same battery type as its earlier models. It is also expected that the phone will come with Bluetooth functionality as well as a host of other features to help enhance user experience. 



From what we can see, the phone comes with a large screen similar to iPhoneX along with the requisite resolution as well. On the basis of appearance alone, this phone certainly looks like it would be a good deak indeed. And given the huge internal storage, most users should not run into any storage issues.

In all probability, the phone will feature a budget version with lesser internal storage and a pro version with 256 GB. The pricing is also expected to vary between the two depending on what the standard model comes with. With product launch weeks away, the anticipation is indeed growing; you can expect a few additional teasers down the week which should provide us with more information on the product itself.

Overall, this phone certainly seems to be like a good buy; all we need is more info on the product itself. So far it certainly seems to have generated a lot of anticipation and curiosity, which is always a good start for any phone.

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