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Moto G6, the latest buzz

Moto G6, the latest buzz

Moto G6, the latest buzz

With all the rumors and news doing the rounds, it is apparent that the release of Moto G6 is imminent. In fact, it is now confirmed that a release will happen around April 19th, invites for the same have been sent out and from what we can make out, it is apparent from the invite, that the Moto G6 retains the same logo, and style; moreover the wall paper renderings which were leaked out recently online, confirms the same. But irrespective of whether the launch will take place in Brazil on April 19th, or not, here’s what we have been able to confirm regarding the phone.



Moto G6 comes with a 5.7 inch HD screen, 16 GB inbuilt storage, and 4000 mAH battery. Moto G6 comes in three variants and is designed to cater to the low end market, providing users with an affordable option when it comes to smartphones. The GB provided is on the low end which means that users will have to opt for other means including getting an SD card for additional storage.  The Phone is supposed to feature rear dual cameras, with 16 megapixel primary sensor and a 5 megapixel secondary sensor.

The Moto G6 plus comes with a 5.93 inch HD along with 64 GB internal storage, 6GB ram as well as 3200mAH battery;  the phone runs on Android 8.0. All the three phones come with varying price tags, starting from 13000 INR for motoG6 Play to 16300 INR for moto G6. The design on all the three phones is interesting to say the least and as it stands, users can opt for the preferred Moto G depending on their budget. And do remember, if you opt for the lower end one, with less internal storage you would definitely need to use an SD card to get much more out of your phone.



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