Android one - why it is become a squib

Android one - why it is become a squib

One of the reasons for why one of the most widely anticipated phones, Android one to hit the market is facing lackluster performance is mainly on the account of the fact that it has none of the matching power of the big phone players like Samsung, and as a result, is not able to manufacture as many devices as it would have liked.

While Google is a tech giant, the fact remains that mobile sector is one of the most competitive fields out there and mobile companies need to have a large network of local suppliers, manufacturers and others on board, to be able to develop and roll out their devices in large quantities to the market on time.

Google’s Android one is a budget phone that’s targeting emerging economies; the purpose of this phone is to provide all users with a better smartphone for lesser cost.

While that’s a great idea the fact remains that most of the parts required for a smartphone to operate seamlessly still cost a bit. This is why Google is trying to pair up with local manufacturers but so far only a select few have shown interest.



The other issue is that Google has a strict proprietary clause built in that allows little room for flexibility or for that matter, improvements to the current model. 

So essentially, the local manufacturers cannot count on an software customization and instead have to make do with the current model. And if they were hoping for volume sales, that ain’t happening either ever since Reliance got into the mix with their ultra budget phones.

So the already minimal profit margins have just gotten razor thin which is driving away many of the local manufacturers from tying up with Google. This is why Google’s Android one is yet to take off.



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