6 ways to streamline your productivity with your android

6 ways to streamline your productivity with your android

If you are one of those millennial’s who need to be connected physically with their android all the time, then you need to read the rest of the article. Chances are that you are already one of the in crowd, streaming live web casts with your android or snapchatting with the same. The point being that it is highly likely you are using your android for work as well which is why you need to read the following tips on how to streamline the same, for increased productivity.

Organize those apps: One of the issues with having too many apps is that you often have to spend a while to locate specific apps. It makes better sense to organize those apps and set the ones you use for work separately so that you can access the same instantly and in real time. This should help cut down on any lag time; more importantly, most androids tend to display apps alphabetically which is why you may want to set up special tags, use shortcuts to the main screen so that you can access important apps, right away. And use Google drive to move important files, and so that you can access the same from any device.



Fine print, too small? If you are trying to read some important document on your phone and find that the print is still too small despite expanding the magnification with your hand, just head over to settings. Chances are that your phone is not reading your action as a “magnification gesture”. Just head over to settings and check out the accessibility menu, it should list ‘magnification gestures’. You will need to update this so that your phone can recognize your gesture for what it is than something else altogether.

Do not disturb: The one thing that you can count on is getting a ping or a ring on your phone when you are supposed to be working. Well, just use the do not disturb icon and set your phone to the quite mode, that should do the trick.


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Speed things up: With many apps clogging your phone, you are bound to realize sooner or later that your phone is getting slower. This is mainly on account of all these apps draining your battery like it’s the last bottle of water on the whole planet. So just take your android, head over to settings and check out the “about phone”. This should display the build number, tap on it 7 times and you should have enabled the developer mode. Now head back to settings, check out the developer options, and click on ‘process stats’ or ‘running services’ which should help list all the apps currently draining your android’s energy. You can use the “force stop” to prevent these apps from slowing your phone down and in the process, speed it up.



Security: It is vital that you take all measures to protect your data and information; since you are using your android for work, you will have to encrypt your phone. Just head over to settings and security and click on “encrypt device”. This should encrypt the phone, and do not forget to encrypt your storage as well. Coupled with screen lock and pin code / password, your phone should be well protected from hackers and others alike.

Tracking: If you plan to ship important stuff to a client, then you can always use your android to track the item in real time. Since Google uses real time data, it should be easy to enable tracking. All you have to do is to head over to Google app, click and change from ‘now card’ to ‘show cards’ and that should provide you with all the information you need for enabling tracking on your android.

These tips are geared to help you get much more out of your android when using the same for work.



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