Google Pixel 2, tips and tricks that you need to know

Google Pixel 2, tips and tricks that you need to know

Google’s Pixel 2 is faring much better than its budget phone; it has a fresh new look and is definitely a much needed improvements on the earlier variants to come out of Google. Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you get the best out of Google’s Pixel 2.

Google’s pixel 2 has about the best smart camera on any android out there; it also comes with dual front facing cameras and that’s after taking into account its water resistance. It certainly has made all the right moves and is becoming more popular by the day. To check out the rest of pixel 2 tips, do read on.

Floating navigation: With Pixel 2 you can now set up Google maps to float around; let’s assume that you are currently using maps to navigate around a neighborhood. And you get a whatsapp message so you would have no option but to shift gears and head over to the said app. But with Google’s Pixel 2, you can now opt for ‘floating navigation’ so that Google maps gets minimized and floats in the background, one that you can place anywhere on the main screen till you need it again. All you have to do is to tap it again and voila! Sounds great, right?



Choose the right wallpaper: With so many options it can be exhausting process to even choose the right wall paper. But with Google’s pixel 2, you can go in for a dark wallpaper, preferably black as it suits the phone the best.

Unlock the systems UI tuner: With Google’s Pixel 2, you can now unclog the system tray and even help customize it by using the quick menu. Just swipe down for the quick menu and press on the gear icon for a long while. This should help display the system’s UI tuner menu, which you can then use to add, remove icons and customize the status bar. You can lock this feature again by tapping the menu button.

Locating stuff on Pixel: The search functionality on Pixel 2 is really good to the point that you can use it to search your entire phone. All you have to do is to head to settings, click on the magnifying glass, list out what you need and that’s it.

Streamline storage: One of the issues you are bound to face with any android out there is the fact that storage space comes with a hefty premium. The neat thing about Pixel is that it has automated the process of removing old pictures and videos from your smart phone and backing up the same on Google Drive. All you have to do is to head over to settings, from there go to storage and check out “smart storage”. Smart storage automatically clears out photos and videos from your phone and backs them up; all you have to do is to specify the timeframe.



Use the free up space option: Not many users are aware of the ‘free up storage space’ and this is why storage space becomes cluttered really fast. Just head over to settings and click on ‘free up storage space’. This should list all the items downloaded on to your phone, and by removing the same, you should help clear out some much needed storage space on your phone.

AI songs: Ever wondered what that catchy tune was, the one you just heard? Well, you no longer have to think hard for Pixel 2 does one better. All you have to do is to head over to settings, and go over to ‘sounds’ and then ‘advanced’. This should enable your Pixel to listen to the song, search for the same online and will display the title shortly. This should certainly be convenient since you no longer have to spend a lot of time wondering about the song you just heard playing on the radio.

Ambient light: Pixel is programmed to work out the difference between night and day so it is programmed to reduce the ambient light at the right times. This should help you conserve battery power which is yet another reason why you may want to encourage others to try out Pixel 2 as well.



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