How to tinker with exposure to get the picture perfect on your android

How to tinker with exposure to get the picture perfect on your android

One of the most common complaints that most users have, when it comes to their smartphone is that the phone only takes good pictures when the light is even. In other words, under any light, even a lamp, the picture can range from hazy to an outright washout. In fact, this was one of the complaints with most of the earlier Samsung variants, but ever since Galaxy s series, there is now an improvement on how the android operates. In this aspect, it works much better than a DSLR and with good reason.

So, let’s assume that you are looking to take a picture of your dog lying on the floor with sunlight streaming through the window. Your first attempt to take the shot results in a hazy picture on account of the overexposure, thanks to the sunlight.



All you have to do to adjust for this is to open the camera app, aim at the subject and in this case your pet, and tap the screen anywhere near the main subject. This should cause your camera to think that the light is too bright and will reduce the exposure to bearable limits.

Similarly, you can also tap on the light source itself but this may cause the exposure to drop all the way down.

You need to find the right balance which is why tapping the screen right close to the subject should even out the overexposure and result in a much better shot than otherwise.

The great thing about androids is the fact that they all come with a touch responsive screen which makes adjusting exposure, time frame an easier task to handle with android cameras rather than with DSLR.

 It will take a short while before you get the hang of taking the perfect picture but with these tips, you should be able to do just that.



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