4 camera tips for android beginners

4 camera tips for android beginners

If you find that most of your shots, taken with the help of your new android phone, is all grainy or out of focus – in which case, the issue could be the photographer or in this case, you. Taking pictures with an android phone is not that easy as it sounds even for expert users. So as a beginner, chances are that you are already confused and not sure how to get the perfect shot with your built in camera. Whichever brand of smartphone you are using at the moment, these tips should come handy.



  • Clean that lens: Whether your phone comes with just a single camera (not recommended) or two, with a front facing one, you still need to clean those lens every couple of days. The fact remains that your camera lens is often one of the most exposed part of your smartphone and yet, most of us forget to even check or clean the lens. As a result, most of the images appear grainy and some even come with a few smudges. So if you are looking to improve the quality of those images, clean that lens regularly.


  • Grids help: It is a good idea to try out the grid feature; just head over to your camera settings and you should see an option for grid lines – enable the same. These grid lines should enable you to focus better and angle your phone to get a better shot. And you can always remove the grid lines later on.


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  • Flash: It is always a good idea to set the flash on the auto mode; your phone should come with enough sensors that enable it to switch on the flash, especially under low lighting conditions. However, if you want to take the shot under these conditions and do not need the flash, you can always disable the auto feature by editing camera settings for the same.


  • Mini tripod: If you find that your hands shake often when taking a snap with your phone or when shooting a video, then what you need is a mini-tripod. While most phones do come with some form of a stabilization feature, not all are that effective when it comes to compensating for shaky hands. This is why it makes sense to go in for a min tripod so that you can shoot a perfect picture.

With these beginner tips, any android user should be able to get much more out of his camera phone.



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