How to use add on lens with your camera phone and get much more out of it

How to use add on lens with your camera phone and get much more out of it

You may already have noticed but your smartphone comes only with a certain magnification factored in. It also depends on your phone’s brand, the cost but then again, most expensive android phones are not that great where depth and magnification are concerned.

This is why it makes sense to go in for advanced photography lenses for your mobile phone camera. There are various add on lenses that you can use with your androids camera, starting with wide angle lens, fisheye, macro and telephoto. We will explain each in detail later on so that you can optimize your phone for the same but here’s a short overview.



  1. Wide angle lens:  Wide angle lens are a must especially If you happen to be a nature photographer; these lens can enable you to get the whole panorama with all the elements in it, in the shot.  Furthermore, you can improve the quality of your shot by adding this lens to your mobile phone camera and doing so should enable you to capture more of the background in your picture.


  1. Fisheye: Think how fishes see underwater and now, you should be able to guess the effect this particular lens has on your pictures. With this lens, you should be able to get clear, detailed pictures that allow you to zoom on with a higher magnification and at the same time, provide you with all the key elements to make the picture outstanding.



  1. Macro lens: If you love taking pictures at the macro level such as that close up image of a grain of rice, then you’ll love this lens. This particular lens makes it possible for you to shoot pictures at the macro level and comes with a powerful magnification feature.  This lens makes it really possible to take those prize winning shots with your android.


  1. Telephoto lens: This is a must have for any professional photographer as it enables you to go in for higher magnification without having to sacrifice the quality of your shot. The telephoto lens comes with different settings, such as, 4x, 8x, 12x and much more. Soon, you should be able to use the same for shooting some outstanding pictures with your android.




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