Android tips - how to trick your android into operating faster

Android tips - how to trick your android into operating faster

Chances are that you have just got a new smartphone and have just realized that the phone is so slow, you could probably jog a few circles around it before it finishes downloading the video. This is why it is a must to check out all the specs, including processor speed, before you purchase your smartphone. But let’s assume that you are stuck with the old phone for the moment - in which case, you may want to try out the trouble shooting method posted below.



All you need to do is to head over to settings on your phone and hit “about” and click on build number for seven times, in a row.

Your phone should display a drop down list, from which you would need to enable developer mode. You should immediately receive a message congratulating you on becoming a developer.

Now, click on developer options and check out the “Windows animation scale, transition animation scale as well as animation duration scale”.


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The settings would usually be 1x, you would need to change this to 5X so that you can get much more out of your android.

While tinkering with these settings is not going to magically make your phone really fast, it would still make it appear that way.

For a faster phone, you would just have to go for androids with faster processor and there’s no getting around this fact. But for the moment, as a stop gap measure, you can utilize the above tip, make your phone seem faster and get much more out of it than you would otherwise.

 So when purchasing a smartphone, always, always pay attention to the processor and its optimal speed as this will help you determine just how fast the new phone would be.



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