Android notifications- here is what you need to do

Android notifications- here is what you need to do

Do you receive constant barrage of notifications to your smartphone and are still not sure which app is causing it or for that matter, not sure what to do about it next. All of us do receive annoying notifications on our phone and most of the time we do not have a clue as to which app is causing it.

Well, here’s one way to go about determining which app is pinging your phone with a barrage of notifications and what you can do, to prevent the same from happening.

Just press on the notification for long, it should tell you which app is behind the notification in question.



  • Now, just continue pressing on the notification for long, you should see an information icon or one that says “more info”. Now press on the same and you should be able to view notification settings.
  • Now, you can use the notification settings, and set it to the priority mode. The priority mode is where your phone will no longer make a noise when getting a notification save for a few key essential apps.
  • You can also enable peeking where the notifications will be displayed on the front screen briefly. 
  • You can also use these settings to hide sensitive info, when the phone is locked.



In addition to the above, you can always go to settings and under “sound and notifications”, you should see an option for “do not disturb” along with others. Choose the appropriate one and your phone should no longer buzz when a notification rolls in.

These are some of the ways by which you can optimize your phone and ensure that your app is not constantly bombarded with incessant pings, thanks to various notifications. You can always opt for the quite mode, but you can always tinker with these settings and choose the preferred option, any time.



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