Screen pinning - what it is all about

Screen pinning - what it is all about

When it comes to smartphones, most of the useful features are turned off by default and one such feature happens to be screen pinning. If you happen to have kids and they use your phone for playing games, then the chances of your kids setting off something by accident can actually translate to a huge bill. This is where the screen pinning feature comes in and its one way of kid proofing your phone. Essentially, you will be using this feature to lock or pin a screen in an app and you can unlock this later on as well.



Here’s how to go about it - head over to settings, and click on security, you should see a tab featuring several options including one on pinning.

You must enable this and once you have enabled it, go over to the app that your kid wants to use, and click on the overview button.

This should display a pin icon at the top, click on this and now you have pinned the screen.

Now you can rest easy knowing that your kid is not going to tinker or change anything in your phone.

 You can always unpin the same with a password, the one you used to set the pin in the first place.



This is how you can both protect your phone, essential and important data and prevent your kid from accessing other features of your phone while playing games on the same. This is why it is critical that you enable this feature at the earliest so that your kid does not rack up huge charges on your phone by mistake.

In addition, you can always get a kid version for your toddler to play with, rather than let him use yours but if you plan to save money, then pinning the screen is the best option there is, when it comes to kid proofing your phone



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