Trouble shooting - unable to download Google play store apps

Trouble shooting - unable to download Google play store apps

If you happen to belong to the “I love my apps” crowd, then the chances are that you are bound to come across this issue with your smartphone sooner rather than later. The fact remains that irrespective of what smartphone you have, you are bound to run across this problem especially if you have hosted more than just a few apps on your phone. But the issue is not that difficult to resolve – just try out the steps listed below and you should be able to download apps from Google play store again, without a hitch.

The first thing you may want to do is to head over to settings, and to the app manager and choose Play store. Now, under play store, choose “clear cache” as that should clear up the cache and this should allow you to enjoy complete functionality of your phone without a hassle. More often than not, a full cache may cause your phone to function slowly and even quit downloading as well. This is why you need to clear your memory cache once a week to ensure your phone continues to function seamlessly.



Once you have cleared the play store cache as well as the memory cache in your phone, try restating it. This should do the trick; wait for a few minutes as your phone boots up again. Once it has, check out Google play store, and now, provided that you have the requisite storage space on your phone, you should be able to download any apps from playstore and install the same, seamlessly.

 Just keep in mind that you may want to delete apps you no longer use or choose to store it in another location such as an SD data card as this can free up some valuable space on your phone.


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