Mobile phones - does your battery drain too fast?

Mobile phones - does your battery drain too fast?

If you find that your smartphone battery dies too fast, despite leaving it on the charger all night, then it may be time to take a closer look at the battery. If you have opted for one of those “portable” battery units, then maybe it is time to get a fresh new battery. Let’s face it, you must change the battery once every two years and there’s no getting around this, especially if you want your phone to continue functioning seamlessly.

But it could also be a case of bad charger; so you may want to get the same checked out and see if the issue is a case of faulty charger in which case, you can buy a brand new one and get your battery all charged up.



But one of the primary reasons for your android phone to guzzle all that battery juice is on account of the various apps you have running on the background. So the first thing you need to do is to check out all your apps and remove the ones you are not using at the moment.

Then go ahead and choose settings, and click on battery to see which apps are taking too much power, as that should give you a clue on how your smartphone works, even when you are not using it at the moment.



Now, head over to power and optimize power usage, as this should enable you to prevent apps from running unnecessarily in the background and you should be able to get much more out of your battery.

The other culprit happens to be the Google play store but this is an essential app for your phone so you cannot do without the same. So make sure that you optimize your power usage and your battery should not drain that quickly, any longer.


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