9 Quick Tips For Buying The Right Smartphone Part 2

9 Quick Tips For Buying The Right Smartphone  Part 2

When it comes to purchasing the right smartphone, you need to take extra care so that you end up choosing the right one. Here are a few additional tips for choosing the right smartphone, do review the lot


  • Camera: The best model that you can opt for is one with dual lenses and smaller aperture; megapixels do not matter much when it comes to picture quality. So the next time you are in the mobile shop do check out the various smartphones in the market, check out the various specs including on the camera. It is vital that you review all the specs carefully pay special attention to image stabilization and resolution when choosing the right model.



  • Processor speeds don’t matter much today: Given the fact that most of the mid-range smartphones come with really fast processor, using this as a metric to sort through the various smartphones in the market makes little sense anymore.


  • Battery performance: Battery performance is something that you would have to pay attention to; what you need to aim for is a phone that lasts for ten hours or more on battery power. The good news is that most of the mid-ranged smartphones do offer better performing batteries so you should be able to pick the right one to suit your budget.




  • Data storage: You need to aim for at least 32 GB data, for anything less is nothing but a con. A good smartphone would require at least that much to function seamlessly. If you thought that it was a good idea to go in for cheaper ones with less storage capacity then you may want to rethink that again. You can always get a microSD card, but most apps need to be downloaded directly onto the phone.


  • Mobile operator: It is a good idea to ask around before choosing a mobile operator, choose one that can provide you with good coverage and offers good data packages, with better bandwidth.

With these tips, you should be able to pick out the right smartphone.




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