9 quick tips for buying the right smartphone - part 1

9 quick tips for buying the right smartphone - part 1

With a new model getting launched every few weeks, it is indeed becoming  harder, to decide which one to go for or which one to purchase. Of course, the budget would be the main concern but here are a few tips which should make it easier for you to choose and select the right phone for you.


  • iOS vs Andoid: The first thing that you need to decide is whether to go for iOS or to go for an android phone. The iOS variants are  a lot easier to use and operate but at the same time, android phones come with more depth, functionality and offer you more options.



  • Price: With more smartphones hitting the market, the prices are indeed getting lower. Keep in mind that cheap does not necessarily mean best but that being said, there are some great options out there and you can even get a decent smartphone for $150 rather than shell out $300 or $500 for a good one. Check out some of the discounted varieties out there and additionally, you can also purchase gently used phones as well, if you are not averse to the same.


  • 18:9: In case you were wondering what the ratio is all about, that’s the right aspect ratio you should aim for and most phones should offer you the same. Whether you want a smartphone with a smaller screen size or a large one, remember to keep the aspect ratio in mind.



  • Display: Sure, aesthetics do matter but only to a certain extent. When purchasing a smartphone, the one thing that you should be aiming for is a good display, brightness and color quality in the unit. These matter more than the resolution, which is why you should check and see how it matches up to the others, and whether the one you have selected is good as it gets or not.



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