Tips and Tricks: Fix GPS issues in Smartphones

Tips and Tricks: Fix GPS issues in Smartphones

It is not exactly news for a smartphone to develop GPS issues; for example, if the Google maps on your smartphone keep showing your location as somewhere else, then yes you do have an issue. It is quite easy to check this out; all you have to do is to turn your Google maps on, turn on the blue location button and then track your location. More often than not, your smartphone should be accurate to within ten meters. However, if there is a glitch, then you may want to check out the following tips on how to resolve the same.



Toggle the GPS: The first thing that you need to do is to toggle the location or GPS icon, turn it off and on again, after a few seconds. This should usually result in the GPS working accurately again.



Setting: Check out the setting, go to location from the drop down menu, head over to the location mode and click on “high accuracy mode”. This should kickstart your GPS and it should start displaying your current location again. Keep in mind that high accuracy mode setting can drain your battery, so you may want to consider changing the location setting back to the default version to save on power, after you get your GPS working again.


Different mode: If your GPS is still not working on your smartphone, then you may want to try this out. First switch off GPS, and now, head over to settings and toggle the airplane mode on. Keep it in the same mode for a few seconds and then turn it off. Now turn your phone on again, and then the GPS. Toggling the airplane mode usually fixes some of the most basic glitches.



Clear AGPS: Assisted GPS is what helps to boost the GPS signal on your smartphone. One of the reasons why your GPS is not working could be as a result of AGPS. Just head over to apps and scroll down to find AGPS and clear cache, which should enable the GPS to start functioning normally in your phone.

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