iOS 11.2.6, and enhanced security - what you need to know

iOS 11.2.6, and enhanced security - what you need to know

iPhone has managed to take security to a whole new level ever since they introduced iPhone5 and incorporated fingerprint sensor in the form of Touch ID. So it’s not exactly surprising that Apple has managed to ramp up the security features with their latest product, iOS 11.2.6.

The iOS 11.2.6 comes with the following features



  • Six digit passcode: the good news is that the latest iPhone comes with a six digit passcode instead of the usual four. This makes it harder for others to hack into the phone and provides you with an additional layer of protection.



  • Auto-erase data: There is an option by which, you can get your phone to erase all data after ten failed attempts by others to hack into your phone. As most consumes store vital information on their phones this becomes more than necessary. Now, with this feature you can secure your data and information and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.



  • Two step verification: Now, Apple like many others have migrated to the two step verification protocol by which users would be required to enter the new verification code sent to a verified device and you would need to use it to sign in from the new device. This provides you with additional protection and prevents others from accessing your account or from stealing your passwords.



  • Family sharing: Now Apple has made it possible for families to share the same iPhone or Tablet without any issues. All you would need to do is to go to iCloud and set it all up so that your loved ones can access your new iPhone without any hassle.



Apple’s iOS  11.2.6 comes with advanced and enhanced safety features which should go some way to protecting your data and information should your smartphone fall into the wrong hands.   

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