Oppo F7 and the new issues

Oppo F7 and the new issues

The cat is out of the bag so as to speak, Oppo F7 is due to be released on March 26th and one can expect the usual drama and hype, that’s evident even now. While the current F5 is expected to get a makeover with the F7, especially with the new beautification feature for those obsessed with taking the selfie, it should still be pointed out that you  can expect the Oppo F7 to come with a few surprises, and not of the good sort either.

Some of these issues are already present in F5, the earlier variant and unless the makers of Oppo have modified the phone and addressed these hitches, you can expect your new Oppo F7 to showcase the same. But not to worry, for we have already posted a few quick fixes that should help resolve most of these issues and you should be able to use your new smartphone without a hitch, come March 26th.



Connectivity issues: Most smartphones face connectivity issues of one kind or the other and the Oppo series is no exception to the same. Here are a few quick fixes to help you resolve your connectivity issues, be it Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Whether you are using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you may want to toggle it to see if you can get it working again. And if you have connected multiple devices, you may want to delink the same from the connection as this can hinder performance. And check to see if you have enabled the power saver mode, as this can disable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections in order to save on power consumption.



Lousy pictures: One of the most common complaints, when it comes to smartphones is the lousy picture quality. Here are a few quick fixes to help you resolve the same. If your pictures are too grainy, then check the setting and adjust the same.

Additionally, you may want to clean that camera lens, with approved cleaners and a clean cloth. And make sure that you have enough storage space left in your camera as this too can impact your pictures and even prevent your camera from working.



Not recognizing windows:  If your Oppo is not recognizing windows, then it could be on account of the fact the USB cord is not connected properly to the desktop or laptop.

Also make sure that all drivers on your system are up to date as an out of date driver will not work and therefore, it will be hard for you to establish a connection between your phone and laptop.

These are some of the common issues that you will face, even with the new Oppo F7.

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