Micromax power button issues - what to do next

Micromax power button issues - what to do next

Well, it certainly seems that every smartphone that comes out these days, comes with bundled glitches and the Micromax is no exception to this rule. One of the problems is that mobile phone companies are facing stiff competition and as a result, are focusing on launching new and better phones quickly with little room left for more intensive testing. As a result, you are bound to come across more mobile phones with glitches than without; if you happen to be facing a Micromax power button issue, then do read on to know what to do next.



The new Micromax canvas smartphone comes with a strong cover which helps to protect then phone from any external damage.  But if you had damaged your phone, by either dropping it down or by banging it against the wall - neither of which is recommended with any mobile phone, then you need to check out some of our tips on how to resolve the damaged power button on your phone.

The first thing you need to do is to check and see if your phone battery is charged or not; one of the reasons why your phone is not working could be the fact that your battery is all drained out. So check and see that your battery carries charge, and if your phone still does not switch on, then read on to learn how to resolve the same.



The issue could be that your power button is missing the crucial ‘Me” in which case use a hairpin to toggle it and switch on your phone.

If that does not work, then use the volume + home key, on the phone.

 Just use the up and down volume key on your phone, connect it to your pc using USB cable, and then click on the home button and release all buttons on your phone after it lights up.

But remember, these are short gap methods, you would still need to visit the customer care center and get the same attended to at the earliest.

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