Dual SIM or single SIM - the perennial smartphone dilemma

Dual SIM or single SIM - the perennial smartphone dilemma

If you are not sure which type of smartphone to go for – whether to go for the single SIM or double SIM phones, then you need to read on. While on the outset, double SIM phones do come with obvious advantages such as the fact that we can use two numbers with a single handset, it also comes with a few negatives. Read on to know more

Skewed functionality:  On the outset, going in for a double SIM phone may seem like a great idea and chances are that it is, but you should also know that it can cause your phone to be swamped by notifications. And while most smartphones are designed to enable you to use either and both SIMS, the clutter can be a tad confusing. As it is your smartphone comes with way too many apps and modes, and add to the mix, a double SIM bag, and you can see that it can be confusing for some.



The SIM1 / SIM 2 badge: One of the most irritating things that can crop on your phone is the SIM2 or SIM 1 notification which tells you which SIM you used, for accessing some of the key functions in your phone. This can get to be quite irritating and while it is nice to know which SIM you had used to dial someone, it is nevertheless irritating to be told the same every now and then. And if that was not enough, it kind of spoils the aesthetics of the phone.

Battery life: It is a well-known fact that dual SIM phones use up more battery power than the single mode ones. The result is a pathetic battery life and you may even be required to go in for a new battery altogether, within the space of an year or two. So if you do not require a dual SIM phone, then it may be advisable to go in for the single mode one.



Limited options: Given how there are only a few dual SIM phones available in the market, you may want to weigh in all the factors before opting to purchase a dual SIM one. So if you are planning to upgrade or migrate to a new phone, you’ll find that your options are limited, to say the least

These are some of the reasons why you may want to give the dual SIM phone a miss or at least consider all the factors before purchasing one.



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