Cellphone addiction - how to cope with it

Cellphone addiction - how to cope with it

With smartphones seeing more traction in the market, it is only to be expected that cases of cellphone addiction is bound to increase, both in the short and long term. The fact remains that all tech gadgets can be addictive to an extent and mobile phones are no exception to the norm. In this case, with smartphones enabling you to access advanced functionality from a single device makes it all the more addictive, as a recent study highlighted. The problem has become more pervasive as more and more young teens are getting hooked onto their smartphones. Here’s what you can to do help your loved one beat this addiction for good



Monitor usage: The first thing that you need to do is to assess the problem and find out just how long they keep using their smartphones on a daily basis. If your loved one finds it hard to converse with anyone without glancing at her phone every five minutes, then yes, she has a problem. You need to first monitor her usage, determine how long she spends on her phone each day and wean her off it.

Weaning: You can encourage your child to take part in physical activates, or anything that does not involve her using the phone.  You can also incentivize her to cut back on her cell phone activity, and ask her to take small baby steps by opting to use the phone only when it becomes absolutely necessary.



Turning off the phone: You may not be able to get your child to do this right away especially if she has developed an unhealthy bond with her smartphone. But you can talk to her and point out the fact that cell phone addiction can have an impact on your health. In time, you should be able to convince your kid to turn the phone off.

Buy her the budget phone: And once you have managed to wean her off her smartphone, you can get her a budget phone, one without the frills.

These are some of the ways by which you can tackle cellphone addiction effectively.



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