Google authenticator - how to use it to protect your Google accounts using your android

Google authenticator - how to use it to protect your Google accounts using your android

When it comes to it, no amount of security or special apps is going to guarantee that you may face account issues on account of forgetting your password; these do happen but what you can do is to provide yourself and namely, your account with that extra layer of security and the Google authenticator does just that.

The setup is fairly easy, all you have to do is to download the Google authenticator on Google play and you should be set. That aside, now that you have downloaded the app, you need to head over to your Google account, and check under settings for two step authentication option and choose the device by which you will authenticate your current session. Usually, Google will send a code or an OTP directly to the phone linked for the two step authentication process and on entering the code, you will be granted full access to your account.



This is being done mainly to prevent accounts from being hacked or stolen; while you can always reset passwords, there is not much you can do once an account is hacked and this two-step authentication process with Google Authenticator app on your android goes a long way to providing you with that extra security.



The app will ask you to verify yourself by scanning in the QR code or entering the code manually; the process is fairly simple and should not take you long to be able to set it up accordingly. Make sure that you choose the time based option in the authenticator as this forces you to use the only last code generated by the Google authenticator.

The six digit authenticator code does much more than provide your google accounts with that extra protection, it can be also used to verify and facilitate payments, and transactions. It is only a matter of time before Google Authenticator gets more traction online and is widely accepted as the new normal.



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