Is it safe to use mobile phones?

Is it safe to use mobile phones?

That’s a billion dollar question and of course, the jury’s still out as to whether mobile phones can impact your health or not. It all depends on whom you direct the question at – but there’s one fact that you may not be able to gloss over and that happens to be the fact that all androids do generate a certain amount of radiation. But it should be pointed out that the electromagnetic radiation is on the extremely low end and by itself, it does not impact your health either in the short or long term.


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That being said, various studies have indicated that prolonged mobile phone usage, can have an impact on your health. According to the International agency for research on Cancer, tagged this radiation as carcinogenic, but this is not to imply that all mobile phones cause cancer rather that prolonged exposure to the radiation can have an impact on your health. You may want to consult your doctor for additional clarification on the same. The fact remains that our smartphone is essential to our way of live and chances are that you use the same to access everything from your Bluetooth devices to accessing your bank accounts. With smartphones getting more traction both in India and overseas, it is about time that you considered the health implications of using one, over prolonged periods.



It has already been noted that some of the recent accidents were mainly caused by drivers who were distracted by their mobile phones. Apart from this, the fixation with taking a selfie on the phone has contributed to the rising incidences of vehicular accidents which could have been prevented. This is why you should never use your mobile phone when driving your vehicle, after all, you get one life and you certainly would not want to throw that way, just because you wanted to take a selfie of yourself, behind the wheel when driving your truck.

But it is a fact that mobile phones do impact your health though not in the way you had assumed; it is now widely believed that some of the incidences of higher stress, anxiety attacks has more in common with mobile phones than other wise thought. Many patients have reported feeling anxious when prevented from using their phone and this in turn causes them to experience a loss of identity and separation.

It may seem inane but the fact remains that the younger demographic readily identify with their phone and see it as an extension of self, so when they are prevented from accessing the same, they experience a wide gamut of emotions from depression to anxiety levels peaking up.

As a result, their sleep patterns are affected, further impacting their health. But other than the psychological effect that comes with prolonged usage, mobile phones are safe to use. But when using your phone to pick calls or access files, you may want to maintain a healthy distance between your head and your earpiece.



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